Pregnancy Bras

One of the items that most pregnant women don’t give a damn ball when monta trousseau are the bibs, and today you are going to wonder how subject have to talk about them!

A lot of first-time mother believes they will only be useful when the child start the baby foods, because they don’t know that well before that the baby has a phase that won’t stop drooling 1 minute and that starts at around 2-3 months. And not because of tooth being born, but for which begins to produce more saliva and drool even.

Remember to frustrate me during many months of Bruna can’t use any clothes no bib. And let’s agree that the bib breaks very funny. Once I took it in a party without a bib to not ruin the look of a pretty dress and remember that in less than half an hour the dress was soaked in drool. Here at you can get more different models and styles.
And it’s not nice to let the baby’s chest wet or damp.

So patience, is a stage that they will be present all the time. So in addition to beautiful, the more resistant and of good quality, the better.

Has thousands of bib models around. But it’s one more item that here in Brazil are no good and are expensive. Because nothing you have 2-3, you can put on your list at least 1 dozen of them and yet, it is no exaggeration if you buy more! I get to have a 3-4 times a day.
I’ve tested dozens of them on and I can spend some Bruna things I learned and I’m using in Manu:

-Some national brands don’t have the slightest notion of the size of the neck of the baby and make a very small aperture. Do not use bib tight at all especially if they button. Babies with 4-5 months now trying to rip the bib, and if it is tight and hard to open can hurt.

-Bib good for use at home is the Carters (here’s why). Are raised the best cost benefit, don’t spoil so easy, and has a waterproof layer inside that prevents moisture pass for clothing.

-Comfortable Bib has side lock – this helps to do not disturb when the baby down and is also more difficult to open if the baby pull.

-Bib with velcro common can hurt the baby and loose with ease. The American has a soft velcro bibs that don’t itch and holds very well.

-Plastic bib is good for meals only, molasses and warmth heats up too much.

-Bib at the beginning can irritate a bit the neck of the baby, so if you get all red-faced, do not be alarmed as this is normal. I always put cornstarch in Manu’s neck after the bath, it helps to improve and stay dry. As with baba the neck tends to irritate.

Now some models I use in Manu and what each has to offer:

These are the Carters I love! Side lock and waterproof layer helps hold all day at home. They handle very well the baba and usually comes in kit with 3 units. Depending on the collection has some good cute drawings.

These are the First Impressions. The model is the same as the Carters but lacks the waterproof layer inside, so they can’t take much longer and get wet in no time. Normally the prints of each collection match the brand’s clothes. Then you can set up a few “a” to let the cutest clothes. Many of them have the same pattern of the body so it doesn’t feel like the baby is using.

These bibs-bandana Gumii ‘s are the best! Is one of my preferred options to exit because they let the baby well stylish! Has several plain colors that you can combine with baby clothes without ruining the visual! But those who like something a little more modern type also has estampsa of Leopard, zebra striped, and are all unisex and handle well drool because it has a double layer of fabric inside. Out are the ones that the Manu more uses.

These are an option for more “chic” and bibs are the Trousseau. To the Manu has a little party and I have to go on top of a dress. Are embroidered and has a more sophisticated tissue.

And these are the Baby BiB ! Are printed bibs that are cool with plain clothes. But the brand also makes several outfits with matching bib. So if you want a printed dress and needs for the bib, will be combining.

Bib and dirty stain easily, so it’s a great gift suggestion for pregnant woman, and a super important item on list of trousseau!