Practical Shopping Helper: Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Already established in the food industry, the retail is slowly. Right, it’s about paid plastic bags. Based on the guidelines to reduce plastic bag consumption by the Council of the European Union the German Trade Association publishes the recommendation to retailers to provide the distribution of plastic bags with a fee. Time to think about an alternative to plastic bags.

But from the beginning: already 2014 the EU released plastic bag policy, saying that the the bags perspective must be reduced until 2026 to 40 units per capita instead of currently 71 piece. The Trade Federation HDE took up the thing and put a corresponding draft in August 2015. First it should be only to a voluntary self responsibility for retailers, but more and more well-known shops follow. The company is up to, to decide on the amount of the cost for a plastic bag. About 150 retailers have already announced to join the agreement, among them such as C & A, Karstadt, H & M, Tchibo, Globetrotter and many more. The official implementation can be somewhat still waiting, since the approval of the Federal Ministry of the environment is missing so far.

Since April 01, 2016, it is already so far in various shops. With every purchase, for example, at H & M the question after a plastic bag for 15 cents – in the grocery trade for years experienced practice. Now in the long term to save money and naturally sustainable, contributing to reduce plastic bag consumption in Germany, we have compiled a few practical shopping helper for you.

Practical Shopping Helper

Our Shopping Helpers As An Alternative to Plastic Bags

For the grocery shopping, I recommend the easy shopping bag. Easily bundled is the shopping helper in any trunk space. Simply roll up when shopping and place with the practical mounts directly in the shopping cart. So have the amount of your purchase not only the perfect overview, facilitates immensely also packing at the box office. The highlight: A small inside pocket two purchasing chips are. Nothing in the way stands the relaxed week shopping.

For all spontaneous buyers, who are gladly prepared for everything, the Maxi series by reisenthel mini is exactly right. Funky shopper, spacious dufflebag or practical Happybag – the foldable shopping helper fit into any handbag and are always readily available in the case. Varied designs and fresh colours are an additional off gene feast. The robust and waterproof polyester material provides sufficient stability and security for up to 25 liters.

For the cyclists among you are of course spacious panniers or practical bags and baskets of advantage. The Bikebasket plus for example is easily attached to the handlebars and offers enough space for food purchases or spontaneous shopping achievements. A network protects on bumpy route purchased things from the fall out. At home, the basket is easily removed and can be worn comfortably in the apartment.

In my handbag is a Happybag waiting on your usage and the easy shopping bag my shopping Companion is been around What’s with you? Use already practical shopping helper from the bag department store as an alternative to plastic bags?