Polo Shirt Fashion Trends

In a fashion context, polo shirt rare bad status. A symbol of bygone bratskultur and middle-aged men who spend too much time on the golf course in relation to his handicap. But how is it. Polo shirt is a piece of clothing that should be consigned to the wardrobe darkest corner or there is hope even for this garment?

To a large extent have polo shirt suffered for abuse. And it’s very easy to focus on all the bad examples. Let us therefore forget Polo shirts with tasteless big logos worn in far too small sizes of men, something for the willing to enhance their muscles. In what context do themselves polo shirt which is best?

The polo shirts are usually considered as a free clothing for the holidays or for sporting activities. To wear the polo shirt to Blazer places high demands on the wearer’s sense of style. A narrow-cut jacket in cotton or linen polo shirt is definitely a relaxed and stylish options. The safest thing is to choose a long-sleeved model because it does not become empty at the end of kavajärmens. Likewise, it makes itself a pik Cardigan Sweater good under the jacket. Unfortunately it is all too common with Polo shirts to formal black or dark grey wool jacket which is an almost impossible combination to succeed.

Likewise, it is very important to consider the material itself. Faded and washed out Polo shirts can absolutely be an option for the beach, but hardly for wearing everyday. One important detail that many forget is Polo Jersey’s buttons. To choose a model with a genuine mother of Pearl buttons will raise the overall impression. For those who do not find a model with this kind of buttons, it is no problem to change.

British Sunspel have alongside their underwear also made themselves known for high-quality Polo shirts, worn by, among others, Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royal. Sunspel Egyptian cotton utilizes coiled for his polo shirts.