Polaroid Glasses: News 2016

Cool, light, fun and with lots of roll, so are the Polaroid glasses. If something comes to mind when we talk about this brand is the rainbow and is that the color is part of the signature DNA.

When we think of Polaroid glasses the first thing we visualize are their cameras but the brand has been designing sunglasses for some time; Little by little it has been renewed until obtaining a collection of the most varied, suitable for everyone, even for children! Also, suitable for all pockets, its price are really good.

What Do Polaroid Glasses Have?

Mainly the Polaroid glasses are distinguished by their technology and innovation, because all are polarized and because they are designed in multiple colors, according to polyhobbies.

If you do not know, what are the advantages of polarized sunglasses? We leave the link of the post that a few months ago we dedicated to this subject ( click here ) . The main thing, to keep in mind,polarized sunglasses block sunlight reflecting horizontally which allows you to see neatly.

Polaroid started with a small collection but today its catalog is quite wide. Today we show you some of his news.

Twist Collection

The Twist collection retains the signature spirit of the firm. What characterizes these sunglasses is its total flexibility. Its lenses are polarized, like all Polaroid, using the UltraSight technology, cancels the distortions and allows a perfect vision. The frame of these sunglasses is dull and can be found in 6 colors.

The twist collection is formed by the Polaroid 6014/S and 6018/S sunglasses but what sets them apart? The only difference is his mount. The 6014/S has a longer elbow mount while the 6018/S sunglasses mount is narrower.

Junior Collection

Polaroid think small so all your sunglasses can be found in the junior version. Children will not only protect their eyes but also wear sunglasses like their mommy or daddy.

Rainbow Collection

This collection is dedicated to the rainbow. Its mount is semi round and are made of paste. What characterizes these sunglasses is that the mount is semi-transparent colors. They are very light and polarized like all Polaroid sunglasses.

Inside this collection we also find the Polaroid 6012/N with aviator mount and mirror glass to see life in a different way.

Other Models

Polaroid also designs other models inspired in the 70’s but with the current touch that prints thesignature .

As you see the rainbow comes out every day for Polaroid and what color do you like to see life?