Plus Size Swimwears Blogs

“Size zero” was yesterday, today curves are in demand! The new stars among the bloggers show what to wear and not just what Blazer or what dress, but also what size. Lack self-confidence? No trace. Something check off!

The 1.95 m loves great fashion design student Franceta (20) life, she blogs daily about their looks. Her blog Franticdreams is a fashion and lifestyle platform.

Three golden rules of Franceta: Firstly: ignore all rules where you actually need to follow! Second, Ignore what others think! Third: Be!

“I wish I could wear that!”: this sentence you should paint his thoughts and just do it…

Her tip for all plus-size ladies: shopping I’m prefer to Forever21, GAP, or Dorothy Perkins. Since I’m always looking for!

Shopaholic: Allison (24) laughs much and love, about almost everything. She is crazy about leather jackets and all about cooking and baking. Her absolute dream: a bakery!

You focus on the things you love the most about you: “this is the most important rule, more confident to become no matter what dress size -. “If there are the shoulders, the hair or the personality to find something positive in itself, is the first step to love each other completely.”

Her tip for all plus-size ladies: “wear anything you like! To wear a great outfit, is always important, no matter if jeans and T-Shirt, a maxi dress or a skirt. Important: wear always the right size, because it’s much. If you feel uncomfortable, because something is too tight, the fanciest dress brings nothing! I prefer buy Rachel Pally white label, there are eerily beautiful clothes that are still comfortable.”

“She should get a modeling contract!” – Nadia (23) daily gets these kinds of comments on her blog under their posts. The beautiful plus-size Lady polarized and inspired!

Personality: “Let’s never affect you from the view of others in relation to beauty. It is important to know who you are. Love you and accept you even! Style you best how you feel and how it suits you. It shows the people that you have personality. One, which is great and that everyone should see.”

Her tip for all plus-size ladies: To me especially to feel, do I buy with my favourites fashion to figure and nation Ltd!

More cream cakes: Chubby Bloggerin Katrin (22) is chocolate according to own statements always looking after themselves and the next panel. She loves cats, video games and finds broken tights especially stylish.

Love your body: everyone, no matter whether thick or thin, should stop to compare with others. You should learn to love himself and his body. For many it’s a beginning as an impossible task, but if you do a little bit of his self-confidence every day, you find yourself very quickly. Everyone should find positive aspects in itself and only once out the negative. Then the positive thoughts become routine at some point and really good for the confidence.

Her tip for all the plus size ladies: “throw all the many styling rules overboard, create your own! Too long I let convince me, that you could carry any dresses or skirts, if it has a thick body, today it doesn’t matter to me, and I wear what I like. No matter if you strip, puffy skirts, tight clothing or neon colors. ”

Big is beautiful: the 26 year-old English -, French -, and education sciences student Alegra loves fashion and does not stop before short dresses with her curves. Your blog is a platform for fashion, music and herself.

“Also who has more on the ribs, should not shy away from special colours, patterns and weights. The nuts and bolts, especially, if you have a “problem”figure, is to try everything possible, to explore, in which parts you feel. For me, it would be that dresses in A line and generally short dresses. When they found his patterns, it is to feel good about a lightness and it also still top look!”

Her tip for all plus-size ladies: Great fashion in plus sizes there are online at or at, otherwise at H + M BIB.

Beth (22) wishes that everyone in his body is happy. She want to be a role model for all the young people with their blog who do not feel comfortable due to their weight. Because she too was not always so confident!

Big smile: “life is just too short to hide behind wide and boring clothes. Wear, what you like and be proud! You should not worry about any rules. The important thing is to be happy. Everything can look great on a plus-size body, you must wear it only confident and put on a big smile.”

Her tip for all plus-size ladies: The online shop of Domino Dollhouse, the stuff just wonderful colors have!

Miss self-confident: the freelance author Christina loves good food and thrift – shopping, also travels and like to dance them for their lives.

Love your curves: “my advice for more assertive as a plus-size woman, is to learn definitely love his body. Here at you can get more different models and styles. There are so many women out there who are ashamed for their curves, I, however, love her! Because every woman has a different character, you should find yourself out for themselves which silhouette for a best works.”

Her tip for all plus-size ladies: I’m buying with totally different labels. Here’s a couple: ASOs curve, stylish fashion pieces, Monif C., dresses and swimwear, Forever21 plus, basics, H & M, trendy daywear.

The main thing shrill! Fatshopaholic Tiffany (21), from Chicago on her blog, blogging about fashion and music. The unusual trends and tips of crazy Tiffany found appeal in many countries. What makes them so special? Her shrill, loud style.

“I think everyone should try out as much as possible, to find its look. “Ran feeling slowly is a good Methode.Wichtig: be sure to invest in Accessories, because good jewelry or great pockets, can make any outfit perfect!”

Her tip for all plus-size ladies:

My Lieblingsshop is naKIMuli, not everyone wears it!

Still not enough?: here are three more great plus-size blogs. These ladies have it drauf-not only on the hips but also styletechnisch…