Plus Size Party Dresses Arthur Caliman

Hold me that today I’ll talk more about issues related to marriage, but now I’m going to tell the saga of plus size party dress and talk of the SUPER SALE you Arthur Caliman is doing so you can buy your dream dress saving as much as possible, then read everything because I am writing this post with great care and love to help them.

The process of choice

When my cousin asked me to be godmother I was tense, because the wedding was very chic and I’m fat, i.e., it wouldn’t be easy to find a plus size party dress that was worthy and that I really loved. I was tired of getting dressed in seamstresses and never look perfect the way I wanted to and remember going to weddings and graduations thinking “is what you have today.” Considering all this, I decided it was time to really realize one of my dreams: since little kid I wanted to wear a dress too well shot, a little Princess. Everyone knows I’m the Queen of flared skirt, right? And I’m very romantic, so unsurprisingly I want something well shot and bulky. At the same time I thought about Arthur and scheduled a visit to talk to him about my dream dress. I’ve had my share of frustrating dresses, go for parties wondering something and wearing another and some moments in life are unique, so I wanted something special even: was already in time for me to use my dream dress!

I already had in mind the model I wanted, because I know whether it value or not. Know your body well and pay attention to what you wear on a daily basis helps a lot to choose the perfect party dress. Arriving at the maison, I went to the rooftop, which is where the plus size party dresses. There tasted several for his team to see the different types of trim in my body. I chose several models rotated, as I wanted to, but also caught a thing full of brilliance which is magnificent just because I died for the dress and I wanted to see how it looked. Here are some of the models I’ve ever tasted:

I knew I wanted a pierced neckline, with high waist-because my torso is long and my waist is high, and sleeveless well shot. Wanted a skirt that was kind of tulle and voluminous and well round, Princess type, because there is no such thing as that fat can’t wear round and bulky. I went and proved you can use what you like and want to see who will say otherwise, because I was simply splendid – sorry, I found myself too much in that dress and go there the picture to prove that I was cute with a skirt full of volume!

Custom-made dress

The initial idea was that the dress was emerald green, but Arthur came up with this idea to mix two shades of income: an old green with a pale pink and the result is this wonderful that you see in the picture. The dress was delicate and perfect drape hyper. People stopped me at the party and in the Church to ask who had made my clothes and I got a million compliments. The advantage of having a dress made to measure is this: you accomplish your dream, do what you really appreciate your body and your way, that’s something absolutely unique, made just for you. The process must be done with 60 days notice of the date on which you will use it. I’ve been doing two tests to ensure that the dress stayed perfect.

One thing I found very interesting: when you go to the Arthur make a dress size, they will take all your measurements, but you will also enter a body scanner, which is a black house full of cameras, that will make a 3D puppet type your body so that his team has a real idea of the proportions of your body. It’s so amazing that the only adjustment made on my dress was the bar because we need to know the height of the jump that I would use, but in the first proof the dress already was absolutely “ready” for my body!

Values of dresses

A dress made by the team of Arthur costs on average 4,800.00 R$, but it relies heavily on the model that you want, the size and etc. This value is an average only the dresses made with exclusivity and size, okay? It’s like something very special indeed.

If you’re going to be godmother, senior or want to use a fancy dress and worked, you can find models of 46 to 58 on average R$ 3,000.00 and this includes adjustment services: you go to the store, pick your and they adjust as necessary.

For anyone who goes to a party and want a nice dress, but it’s not going to be a bridesmaid or a senior, just a guest, you can find models of 46 to 58 on average R$ 850.00, but it does not include adjustment services.

Dresses can be divided into 5 x on the credit card and check.

Super Sale Arthur Caliman

Now comes the coolest news of the post: If you have a special party to go, whether as a guest or as the protagonist, you can take advantage of the mega liquidation of party dresses plus size Arthur Caliman and buy a dream dress for half the price. Yes, the dresses will be with 50% discount on days 24, 25 and 26/7:00 pm special address, then write down right the data I will definitely stop by and get there early to avoid the queues-lota as hell–and to be able to choose the model that you dream of!

Street Desembargador Ab Valim, 165-Itaim Bibi, São Paulo (SP).

Short and long of 46 to 58.

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 at 2:00 pm. Sundays from 8:00 at 12.

Taking a taxi, because there is no parking!

I know that the post was great and I tried to split everything in topics to be well organized, but I told him about all the details and I hope I’ve been able to help them. Really, who can go to the Super Sale, go because you will find a plus size party dress more beautiful than the other and is worth investing in a model that makes you feel incredible!