Plus-Size Fashion Between Rhetoric and Reality

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I hear that a lot of the readers of the fashion Whisperer: “I want to dress like figured beneficial and stylish, nothing suitable for me but in the shops just find.” If you belong to, then you thereby are not alone. Whether you now especially small, tall, slim or chubby are: once you have no standard sizes, the shopping of fashion is difficult. Then another value, set design and quality, the air is even thinner. The situation in the plus-size area is particularly sensitive. Because many top fashion brands offer their clothes only up to size 40.

As well the new, German fashion label “Studio untold” presented the results of a recent survey by Emnid me, I surprised myself, how blatantly in fact is the situation for XXL women: nine out of ten women say that it is almost impossible to find fashionable clothes in plus sizes. But why is that? Need stronger women really different fashion? Here are the facts and a comparison of the outfit.

An Emnid study explores the fashion needs of strong women.

The renowned Emnid Institute on behalf of Studio untold total 500 women interviewed, the dress size 42 or higher wear. It was the personal body feeling equally in focus, such as the individual fashion purchasing behaviour and the personal wishes and preferences. The following mood shows how hard it is for women with larger sizes to find fashionable clothes:

  • 88 percent say that it is difficult or nearly impossible to find fashionable clothes. Especially young women wish but very often.
  • 65 percent indicating that they will not find it in special shops for plus sizes.
  • 31 percent believe that plus-size stores do not send things.
  • 34 percent feel even uncomfortable in plus-size stores.
  • 33 percent to buy her clothes online, another 35 percent at least occasionally.

While most respondents feel quite comfortable in her skin. Although the majority would take off like a few kilos, but yet a quite positive feeling of body – what particularly pleased in total. The survey shows that:

  • 80 percent of all women, 42 or larger have a dress size, feel at home in her body.
  • 63 percent say that they would like to lose a little.
  • 11 percent find ideal weight.
  • 6 percent had no problem to be something else.

Work chic, fashionable clothing at XXL bodies? A comparison of the outfit brings clarity.

So where’s the problem? Why are chic, modern, high-quality pieces of clothing, mostly only in small sizes available? Often will be mentioned at this point, the manufacturer’s didn’t want that her fashion would be borne by heavier women. Stubbornly holds the belief that certain, fashionable pieces with fuller bodies not in the same way will be implemented. That clothing for plus size first and foremost must be wide and misshapen. That XXL Rubens women hide their curves rather than accentuate should.

I find this almost calls for a small outfit comparison. So, I have me go looking for traces and found two very similar outfits. The an outfit is worn by a super-thin, quite kurvenlosen Hollywood star with H figure . You see the second outfit on a plus-size model with an X character. Both wear one of the so-called “it pieces” of the season, a jumpsuit. They combine it with an also just fashionable, blue denim jacket. Compare:

The hemline of the pants legs

Both jumpsuits are easily arranged at the waist and narrow tapered pant legs. The pant leg length is slightly different: the thin Hollywood star wearing the trousers wadenlang. This accentuated the narrow calves and legs visually shorten something. The plus-size model wearing ankle-length pants legs and accentuates the narrowest part of the leg so while the slightly longer hem causes still a pleasant, optical length of leg.

The waist of the jumpsuits

The waist of the overalls is on different levels: the Hollywood star accented with a drawstring, is something deeper between waist and hips, his narrow Hüftzone. When the jumpsuit of the plus-size models, the waist at the narrowest part of the torso, was placed slightly above the natural waist. That makes not only slim, but also mega long legs.

The snippet

Both overalls have favorable figure cut-outs in V-shape: the Hollywood star wearing a simple, deep and wide v-neckline, as it is beneficial for the H character. The larger bust size of the plus-size model comes with a wrap top excellently (this detail is unfortunately a bit hidden on the screen by the chain).

The hemline of the denim jacket

Both women wear denim jackets with two flap pockets on the chest. The denim jacket of the star is slightly longer than that of the model: it ranges to the point between the waist and hips, which was accentuated in the jumpsuit. The denim jacket of the model is shorter and ends at the waist, which is additionally emphasised by a belt – isn’t more focus on the waist.

The sleeves of the jacket

And yet another interesting difference: the model rolls up the sleeves of the jacket, so that a more horizontal line of hem at waist height. Also the legs are extended by the shorter 3/4 length sleeves optically further. This is a trick that all women with shorter legs or small women can apply to win leg length.

The shoes of the outfits

Another difference of the two outfits is the shoes: the star casually comes in Flip-Flops. The flat shoe in conjunction with the sunken Sidecut and shorter pants hem of the jumpsuits reduced the legs visually. That but not very adversely affects the entire appearance of figurative, as slightly less length in this case is offset by less physical width.

The plus-size model has proportionally similar long legs like the star. She wears but pumps with some sales in the same color as the suit. This effect creates incredibly long legs together with the longer leg and the higher waist, as you can certainly clearly.

The necklaces

And finally: the necklaces also reflect the different proportions of women. While the gentle star is also correspondingly fine necklaces, attacks the plus size model to the rather larger Variant of Colliers. In addition to proportional benefits of this choice, the look is directed by a striking necklace upwards on the décolleté – always a good idea, when other, much deeper body zones should be hidden.

Are the outfits for super thin stars and plus-size ladies interchangeable?

This comparison leads us to the following questions: these two outfits could be interchangeable? The star could wear the outfit of the plus size models and vice versa? And why does the Exchange or not just?

My answers are as follows:

  • Yes, the star could wear the outfit of the plus-size models without problems. The effect would be that the thin H figure would appear less androgynous and more narrow winding – the strong waist accent makes it possible. In addition, the star with the plus-size outfit would have much longer legs.
  • No, the plus-size model could not equally beneficial wear the outfit of the stars. The deeper laid waist of the jumpsuits would obscure the slimmest point of the model at the waist and that emphasize the much stronger hip-belly zone. The same applies to the denim jacket. The shorter leg would appear shorter legs and also a rather strong body zone calves emerge. And a flat flip flop could not compensate for these two effects. In addition, the delicate necklaces for the plus size model would be inappropriate and would stress even more, as to distract from the stronger areas of the model.

An outfit swap would work only in one direction. However, the main reason, not only is that the model has a larger size. As the decisive factors which speak for or against an outfit swap, caused mainly by the different Figure type women. While the H-type – either can accentuate his waist or his hip depending on the effect desired, feminine, or androgynous -, it is much better to accentuate the waist for a X-type with same vertical proportions . Another response is:

  • Yes, the outfits could be changed, if the thin star and the plus-size model would have the same type of figure and both have chosen an outfit suitable to the character type.

Moreover, a fact that has to do with the size but: while the star can compensate with its very thin body line also actually unfavourable or voluminous cuts and shortening effects without any problems, this is possible for the plus-size model easily. Too much volume at the waist, an unfavorable accent on the waist, a too short pants hem along with flat shoes and a proportional to delicate chain let the woman appear more voluminous than it is.

My conclusion is therefore:

There is no reason whatsoever why XXL women can wear not just chic, contemporary women with small sizes – as long as they vote them on their Body proportions . But: Plus-size women look as slender and her figure as beneficial want to bring out this (what Yes not always be the case!), are more prone to-shortening effects, volume or accents in the wrong places and proportional unbalanced Accessories.

This means:

“XXL women need better, more elaborate cuts and a fashion focused more consistently on the needs of the character types actually!”

And lack of true, the get felt especially women from size 42 lies precisely in this area. And so the desire after that, to try be fashionable, to experiment with new trends or to cover themselves with high-quality, adapted perfectly to the body, timeless basics , often unfulfilled.

Whether the new German fashion brand Studio untold can solve this problem? I don’t know. At least here a team of fashion aficionados found themselves together and made regardless of sizes and style dictates to offer online fashion. Fashion, like the plus-size ladies by Studio untold itself and that they even carry. Fashion, which again should give back the joy women with oversized clothing. And I only too happy to support this project. The shown here plus size outfit with jumpsuit is part of the current collection and is a good place to start.

What do you think about the situation in the fashion market? How to find the current plus size offer? And how do you see the possibilities and limitations, with a size of 42 or more chic to dress up? I’m always looking forward to your thoughts!

* Note: This honoured post was created courtesy of Studio untold provided the results of the survey and chart me for this. The other contents mentioned in the post and the outfit and comparison are based on my own research, opinions, analyses, texts and illustrations.