Plus size Costume and Shoes

Traditional clothing is a great catcher not only at the Munich Oktoberfest. For many women, especially feminine Dirndl have become popular and everyday fashion parts. Knows that any woman who lives in southern Germany. Here, it is absolutely normal to put in the Dirndl Dress in the beer garden and to spend a nice time. The costume as such is always after the same pattern designed, however every year again peppered with the latest trends.

Women's High Heels

Plus size costume fashion

But what is actually to be considered, if you wear plus size costumes? What is worn under the Dirndl? The dirndl blouse fits to what type of character or strong upper arms? What Drindllänge is suitable for which character? What shoes match the Dirndl?

How to find the right Dirndl

If you still don’t know you’re what type of figure and fits what Dirndl to friends, that will help you:

Here comes  the plus size costume fashion contribution of Nadha – which I imagine here briefly.

Matching shoes to the Dirndl

I have devoted myself to the shoes, because alone the Dirndl is still no jaunty Madl, it’s about the whole package. Dirndl shoes should go well with the outfit. But the Eichtigste already times anticipated: sneakers, sneaker or high boots do not fit to the Dirndl.

·         Ballerinas: cute and comfortable

Who can tie even costumes loops, borders or embroidery as a decorative element on the ballerinas who has home classical ballerinas (and want to buy not extra Trachtenballerinas). Great about Balellerinas: dilate easily and are therefore for slim, as well as for BBW perfect companion. Tip: Thanks to their size you can put spare even a pair of shoes in your bag (if you wear else pumps or high heels).

·         Mid-calf dress boots: whatever the weather

The low boots are often made in a retro design with rounded heel and an exclusive leather. Thanks to the shoelaces that lead up to the foot of clamping, the shoe adapts to the feet. Usually they are equipped and designed in dark colors with traditional embroidery.

·         Traditional pumps: true all-rounder

Pumps is available in different versions: ankle strap pumps, peep toe pumps, pumps with peep-toes, lace pumps, wedge heel, ankle strap pumps and so on and so forth. You characterized by a paragraph, which is 9 cm high maximum. In addition, the shoe is cut off. These are also the only common features. With regard to colours, forms and materials, the range is incredibly large. Pumps, that colour match your dress is suitable for the Dirndl. In addition, you have to can run well in them.

·         High heels: noble and elegant

Beginners have initial difficulties in these shoes, because running is pretty shaky. Plus size ladies who are, accustomed to run on high foot, become the radiant heart. High heels are similarly varied as pumps with regard to their design and are therefore offered in great variety.

The look of your costume shoe

Your Trachtenschuh has the best pretty decorations with traditional elements: loop, bells, lace trim or embroidery. Should they not exist, you can even operate, and beautify yourself your Dirndl shoe. The colors harmonize with the Dirndl Dress, so that your outfit is very consistent. Of course, then also the accessories and your bag that must be aligned.