Plus Size Bikini Review

Most women wear bikinis – especially younger women today for swimming and Sun gangs prefer. A bikini is feminine, sexy and modern, because it shows plenty of skin and reveals the entire stature of a woman. While wearing bathing trains during the bath walk was still of course for our grandmothers, our mothers already enjoyed the sexy swimwear revolution of the skimpy two-piece.

Plus Size Bikini

Because every woman is built differently, there are also a number of different bikini models. There especially bikinis in XXL with wide back cut and large cups like C, D or E, but also the combination of far back section with smaller cups, to do justice to each character. At the panties there slips with higher or lower leg and slightly stomach lined waistband depending on the figure above.

The cuts of one-piece swimwear should be individually clever be chosen there are quickly and effectively visually optimize character peculiarities. Bikini pants with high leg ensures long legs and stretch to the figure. Light Push-Up cups form the neckline beautifully. Who already has a large chest, gets great bikini top with bow and wide straps that beautiful shape. Modern high-quality bathing-stretch fabric provides for a good grip and a tight and well-defined appearance.

Attention can be with certain patterns specifically on the merits of a curvy woman draw, how about placing an emphasis on the well rounded chest. Dark colors are usually very nice in bikinis in XXL, because they provide for a graceful appearance and optically stretch the character. Polyamide with elastane content is used as raw material for bikinis in XXL. Furthermore, the Lycra fabric for bikinis in XXL is suitable and is therefore often used in the production. Like every year, there are trends in swimwear this summer again. This year particularly in fashion, Bikini prints in Africa look, retro looks, high-cut bikini shorts and beachwear are in shades of Aqua.