Plants: Preferred for the Garden

Hey people, how are you?

Some of you must accompany and realize that I love gardening and plants, do not you? Hahaha Good, and Sunday is a great day to take a little party and fiddle with the flowers. Besides being very relaxing, it is a delight to see the result afterwards! So I separated some of my favorites:

For Garden:

Palm trees, the most desired ornamental plants are the palm trees, and most popular as well. My favorites are, in order below: Phoenix Palm, Blue Palm, Ravenala and Triangle, or Triangular.

Trees in the order: Araucaria(I want a lot of this, if anyone knows where I can, tell me! Ahah), Cassia, Acer Rubrum, White Ipê, Bottle Brush and Tuia Piramidal are some of the ones I like the most. It has beautiful color and also a great size to have in farms, sites or houses with a little more space.

Flores: That’s complicated, I have some different ones at home, but I have a huge list of the ones I like and I plan to plant it yet! Hahaha But there are some for those who want to redecorate or just cheer up the house a little more. Bring the environments to life!

Following: Bananeira-royal / ornamental, Afelandra, Protea, Plumeria, Strelitzia and Heliconia rostrata.

Other beautiful plants or trees to have at home: Pink Cherry, Diamond Palm, Manacá, Lily, Italian Cypress(candle), Leopard Flower, and the Golden Orchid of Kinabalu(I wish…). Ah! Some have more than one name or even the search name, but I’ve published it from what I know!

So, did you like it? Have they all known?

For those who do not have flowers at home or have space but do not have a garden, now just use your head and do something incredible! Kiss