Pippi Longstocking Apron

Measure and Sew Pippi Apron

  1. First, you must measure your child.To do this, measure the distance from hip to hip and hip to knee. This is the lower part of the apron Pippi.
  2. Then you determine the extent of the hip just above the chest.This is the upper deck. It should on the sides about three centimeters smaller than its lower part. Note that the upper part should cover the chest and stomach much later. Therefore, check whether the three centimeters are suitable. It depends on the size of your child.
  3. Drawing with measurements for the top and bottom of a document in the form of a rectangle.In each of the short sides of the rectangles you hit a half and all parties to a whole centimeter rest for sewing.
  4. The material you choose from two cotton fabrics of different colors.Transfer each rectangle to a substance. Cutting the two pieces of fabric.
  5. The length of the session in the band of fabric consists of medium degree of hip long and 40 centimeters.For binding to the neck, you need two pieces each 20 centimeters. This should be sufficient for binding. But check again for confirmation. Cut manage the corresponding parts.03h20

Sew the skirt itself-Nähanleitung

According to Allpubliclibraries, sew an apron itself is pleasant for you, because with a kitchen apron and …

  1. Beat every two long and one short side of the rectangles of fabric one centimeter inwardly and the edges.Then put the smaller piece of cotton with the not yet finished edge of center and right side of the board as well unversäuberte on the large rectangle and sew them together.
  2. Place the strip outside long fabric on the edge between the upper and lower part.Left and right the same amount of tape to survive. Sew the strip near the edge with a straight stitch. The ends beaten by a centimeter inwards and neaten them then.
  3. Take the two other strips of fabric hand.Fold one end inwards and ask from the left to the edge of the upper part of the chest. Topstitch in both bands. The ends still open also refer to a centimeter and sewn. The skirt can be tied in the back and neck later.

Shaping the Pippi Application to The Apron

  1. First, you need a model.For the face to draw a circle. Then paint the typical braids of Pippi Longstocking to the circle.You can complete an easy fringed bangs. Remember, however, that the hairstyle and all (!) District are two separate parts.
  2. The circle you transferred to fabric beige or flesh colored.The hair should be red as in the original. Pull both sides of a quadrangle. Cut out two pieces.
  3. Place the squares on the web and double-sided edge of the fuse.Cut these squares too. Place the rough side of the link strip on plastic parts. Ironing the pieces together.
  4. As drawn on tissue models across the web are no longer visible, you have to transfer again.Paint on the Web page.Cut two parts precisely.
  5. Remove the county paper.Place it on the deck of Fifi and iron it well. After the face has cooled, you go with the same hairstyle before. To top it off, sew to face particular hairstyle with a zigzag stitch.
  6. For the eyes, you can sew two black buttons.Mouth with red embroidery and nostrils with black thread. The feature of Pippi Longstocking Freckles secure with orange thread.

Now you and your offspring to their hearts content in the work of the kitchen without having to worry about persistent stains. And with such an apron cooked twice more fun. Now you just need to you a chic clothing kitchen, but you can also sew using these instructions.