Pihut 7 Port Raspberry Pi USB Hub

Once you have connected the keyboard, mouse, hard drive, wireless dongle and one or two other bits, there remains much room on the two USB ports on the Raspberry Pi …

Pimoroni had already given us a superb 4 port USB hubto look raspbérien (not looking for is not in the dictionary!). But sometimes four ports are not enough.

PiHut just put on its website this 7 port hub tested and approved for Raspberry Pi as confirmed the many customers notice (assuming they are true).

USB Hub 7 ports for Raspberry Pi


This release improved the hub 7 Port of  PiHut has been specially manufactured for theRaspberry Pi . The majority of hubs USB output the current in the  Raspberry Pi , these have been modified to prevent this . At the request of PiHut client, the hub is available in three versions  UK, EU and USA. Everyone will find the outlet that suits him …

  •      7 USB 2.0 ports
  •      Can only be used as a powered hub
  •      No supply back to the Raspberry Pi
  •      AC adapter included for UK / EU / USA
  •      Transfer speed up to 480Mbps
  •      Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1

Box Contents

  •     USB Hub 7 ports
  •     5V 2A
  •     USB A / B cable
  •     plinth


The Hub is priced at £ 9.99 per PiHut. It will add 3.99 shipping charge of £, for a total of € 16.50.

A test product if you need many USB ports and a beefy power supply.

The point that bothers me is that the pictures there are only visible ports 5 … But where are the other hidden ????

And with Aegis me oblivion reported   here is the link that will take you to the page of this USB hub on the site of PiHut!

You had the opportunity to test this hub? Thank you to leave your impressions in the comments!

A message from Mo Amine Daoudi on the facebook page of framboise314: “I seem to have already met this form of hub on the web before, the reviews were glowing for use on Pi This may actually be a new one. model with a more powerful power supply. In any case, we find such a USB hub that is cheaper than ebay on EUSBHUBS.

Or cheaper here (the color is not the same, whether it is exactly the same model)”

The photos on ebay show the back of the hub:

Following the loss of Fred on the hub (see comments below), I contacted PiHut who responded very quickly. They think that the first message was sent to Fred on Tweeter (TBC) which explains it passed unnoticed.

They recommend in case of trouble with their equipment to systematically through theircontact form online.

The hardware warranty is 1 year.