LG G4 Reviews

Shoot like the pros: LG promotes currently eagerly the camera for the LG G4. Namely, the upcoming top Smartphone should have extremely good shooting skills. In a video speaks the photographer Colby Brown about the virtues of the hardware.

The LG G4 with a camera with F will be 1.8 aperture so bright like no other smartphone before him. The big advantage: noise-free recordings in adverse lighting situation such as overcast weather dusk – or in a dimly lit Gorge. The professional photographer Colby Brown was allowed to try out the Smartphone for a video already.

Full Control With Manual Adjustment

Already make a huge difference, a difference of F0, 1 white brown to report. The camera of LG G4 has to offer but apparently even more. So, the colour reproduction is very faithfully. The hardware also detects whether it goes to motive hunting indoors or outdoors. In all settings, you have the choice whether you use automatic mode or manually take out fine adjustments to white balance, Aperture and ISO number.

Even the shutter can be set to up to 30 seconds. The lights of cars about become light snakes that writhe through a static landscape. What shots it come out if a professional with the LG G4 is on the way, the video shows you. The camera is not the only feature with the South Koreans want to inspire you for your next high end device. Also in the selection of materials, cast it on finding paths and use for example to a backing of leather.