Personalized Fashion T-Shirts

A dance and original dance event as the rock’n’ Boogie 2017 deserves a personalized fashion t-shirts at the height of the participants. 

Not all events are equal, and it is important to adapt to your potential audience. A technological Congress than a dance contest is not the same. In this case, Customize original t-shirts can make a difference so that the merchandising is a success and attendees follow him bear one time finished the event.

A fun, casual and different choice are the t-shirts to tie as Leola t-shirt. A garment-100% polyester with a nice touch of cotton, very soft, light and comfortable thanks to its low weight.Perfect for dancing with style for hours!

Knotted Fane t-shirts are a garment different from classic t-shirts, which bring a striking touch to any event, club, association or festival image.

In addition, if you’re looking for Workwear for bars, beach bars, discos or parties, these shirts with knot custom can be the perfect garment to not spend so much heat in summer and provide a more informal image.

If you are looking for other fashion to customize t-shirts you can find several models in ourcatalogue of t-shirts for her, as for example:

T-shirt Maeva, style crop top and cut oversize.

Vita t-shirtwith batwing sleeves.

Shirt Flies, of wide boat neck.

Shirt Fever, of very open and deep armholes and suspenders.

To Customize fashion t-shirts cheaply and quality we recommend the silkscreen, the technique most used in our printing workshop for all kinds of garments and designs.

And it is that in silkscreen printing is perfect for logos, texts or simple designs with spot colors:

Thesciencetutor recommends to use original t-shirts printing ink 1-2 for the best value for money, especially if it’s t-shirts for resale.

And as you can see, these knotted t-shirts were a success at the festival Rock ‘ n Boogie:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need t-shirts for events!