Perfect Night Light

Lacking sleep easy (especially at night), I went in search of the magical object that would help me: a night! Obviously Minicap has already had one, purchased from Nature and discoveries , but it did not survive the onslaught of the baby and therefore ended up giving up the ghost. For several months, we put aside the question until recently I was put in mind that Minicap tears came because she was afraid in the dark.

Perfect Night Light

This is not a pilot, but two that I procured.

A first pilot, cute, a bit vintage: baby bunny, purchased from the flowers .

The pros: Minicap love, she plays with and did visit the apartment to “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” in lugging it on his cart.

She is pretty and adorable.

The -: it does not charge and works like a lamp with a button off / on no other function. So for it to be totally useful, it should leave it on all night, or I admit I’m a little afraid it does not work, very quickly.

To summarize: it is beautiful but it is more a decorative object and mimi.

I also invested in the musical spotlight with stars from home pabobo at

I chose the model that recharges the computer with a USB cable, the price is a bit higher but I think this will not spend his time chasing the batteries so it was a little more green.

So, frankly, Minicap and I like a lot this night! It projects a starry sky, with or without music. There are three color options: orange, blue or green. We can go with a simple click of a fixed color modulation. The pilot runs 45 minutes and then turn off automatically. Once charged, it 4h autonomy if it runs continuously.

The pros:

The starry sky is beautiful. Minicap even claims to go to bed to watch “the étoyes and lume! “She plays with the pilot by passing the stars on me or her stuffed animals and laughs …

The music, though qu’énervante after a time (like all music for small, I would say), is rather pleasant, in the genre.

The pilot is not plugged in, you can put it in the bed and then back on the bedside table, so it is portable.

It does not heat!


The starry sky remains fixed, it does not bother me personally, but it is true that the pilot has not the charm of carousels.

It is not possible to leave on all night nightlight. It is especially a night to sleep and not a night to reassure.

For the projection is optimal, you have a ceiling height of between 1 meter and 3 meters. If the baby’s room is VERY high ceiling, think about it!

I do not regret this purchase, as it adds charm to bedtime rituals. However, I am in search of a solution to reassure Minicap when she wakes in the night!