Pencil Skirt Decorated With Appliques

Finding a skirt for me is not always easy. The skirts, which I liked really well, are mostly too short.

Well, if I wear opaque, black tights in winter, the skirt or the dress may be slightly shorter. But without pantyhose, the hem should not end up too far. I do not like my thighs anymore. However, the taste. I am a bit too critical of myself. My current rock is from Zara and I’ve sighted him for the first time in the online shop. Unfortunately he was sold out in my size. Since this was shortly before my trip to Portugal, I had no time to visit a Zara shop directly. That’s why I had the skirt checked off. But as is often the holiday, you go shopping. In Portugal, or Spain, I always like to look at Zara. The parts are much cheaper there than in Germany. And then the skirt was really hanging alone on a clothes hook. Only the one, no other far and wide. As if he had just been waiting for me. To my happiness, he also suited me. And there I stand before you, in my new coat. The flower appliqués make the skirt a special skirt, as I think.

A similar skirt with Glencheck-pattern I have at Breuninger* aufdrrieben. However, without appilcations. I could not find such a comparable rock. But if you feel like it, a skirt can transform itself accordingly. Applications are available in every sewing department. An extraordinary skirt, which you can style well, is still available at & other Stories*. My boots are still available atZalando* and the reduced boots of Billi Bi * are a bit less rocky. My scarf is from and you will find a discount code in the sidebar.* All Affiliatelink