Pearl ring of Pernille Corydon

Our favorite of the week.This week I will not introduce you to a piece of jewelery, but we will bring a classic back to life.Beadful shit knows everyone – whether the bead chain of the grandmother and simple pearl earrings, which everyone has in his jewelry box.But the Danish designer Pernille Corydon shows that pearl jewelery certainly does not have to be stale.

pearl rings

The classics under the pearl jewelery are bead chains & pearl earrings.But have you ever heard of a pearl ring?My present jewelery is a ring in rose with 3 small beads decorated.These pearls are held in a light pink and match the rosé tone of the ring rail in color.Due to the three differently sized beads this ring does not look old and dusty – quite the opposite.This design is something very special.The current trend color Roségold transforms this fine piece into a real eye-catcher.This pearl jewelery is really reinterpreted and can be worn by its classic elegance by women of all ages.

Pearl jewelry

With this pearl ring, you have to pay close attention to what you combine.Put your focus on other jewelery in Rosé.In order to give the ring even more focus, you can also wear a narrow ring in rosé on the same finger – such ringparties are currently very hip.Otherwise, you should be in the same style.Other jewelery from Pernille Corydon is also recommended.It processes the sweet pearls in many different ways.Try it out on allunitconverters and give the old classic an opportunity.