Patricia Bonaldi Dresses

The fashion world grows every moment and many designers saw legends have their pieces paraded by celebrities. Patricia Bonaldi is mining and dropped the law school last year to devote to dresses, which currently are successful in exquisite and filled event celebrities.

In childhood, her mother took her to choose fabrics, as did the clothes in dressmaker, a custom Uberlândia, his hometown. She loved those moments, but never imagined would work in the fashion business.

It is almost impossible to spend a day in which some famous not appear there with one of her dresses. Once owned a store multi-brand clothing, and the time was finding that their customers wanted dresses and custom clothes, and so did the idea for your brand.

The habit of ordering parts tailored hurt their business because as soon as the store opened, people did not buy much because they had their family of seamstresses. With that, she decided to adapt to the mining market, began to customize clothes and plunged again in this universe, and decided to study fashion. For her, the differential and essential in his plays is the trim because prioritizes the perfect fit in the Brazilian body.

Recognition of Patricia Bonaldi

His creations began to stand out after a curator of ‘Minas Trend Preview’ exhibited his work in the business hall of mining fashion week.

Soon after, more than 30 stores took the pieces to the macaws. She states that always made ball gowns because I missed it in the market. Embroidery, lace and details are inherited from mining preciousness, and are made by hand (currently more than 500 embroiderers working in the designer).

When she realized the growth of the brand and its name was already guaranteed success. Today she owns two stores in Brazil, one in Uberlândia and one in Oscar Freire Street in São Paulo.

Characteristics Dresses Patricia Bonaldi

The search for refinement and discreet exuberance reflects the elegance of the dresses Patricia Bonaldi, the designer develops their collections – for over ten years – delicate techniques, where the fluidity always contrasts with luxury finishes, and his creations are spread throughout Brazil and also abroad.

Patricia’s specialty is party dresses, they are always made too bright, embroidery, pastels, lace, transparencies and a touch of romanticism. To perform the work with embroidery lace, sequins, pearls and various stones in fabrics like silk, silk organza, tulle and taffeta, she needed to create a embroiderers school in established his brand in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais). The most sought models are with embroidery at the bust and tulle at the bottom, highlighting the feminine delicacy.

Casual Brand 

With success, the creator of the most desirable dresses by the Brazilian launched the brand “Pat Bo” (in 2012), more relaxed and causal looks – geared to international trends – and betting on shirts and shorts, but all with differential and glam.

Partnership with C & A

The partnership between designer Patricia Bonaldi and C & A department store ensures more affordable, which include not only clothes, but also accessories and shoes, which cost between R $ 49.00 and R $ 690.00 and is available in stores throughout Brazil. Glare and embroidery is not left out in the store you can find party dresses, embroidered cuff shirts, sequined skirts and leather shorts.

The purpose of the partnership is to create more sophisticated parts with best quality and hand embroidered fabrics. Many consumers find that some models are worth, especially party dresses.

Visibility of Patricia Bonaldi Abroad

The brand currently sells their clothes in the United States, Europe, Russia and Middle East, and luxury stores like Harrods (England).

Tips of Patricia Bonaldi

She believes that the perfect harmony of a hairstyle and dress depends more on the personal style of every woman.

It is important to vary, it avoids repeating the same proposal on upcoming events, and so merges hairstyles (cokes / ponytails / twisted / loose / middle prisoners) because it believes that change her hairstyle makes the same dress with another guy;
it prioritizes the dresses with collar used with cokes and thinks to be loose hair should have a medium or short length, but emphasizes that there are no rules, but explains that using loose hair, less volume can be good;

A dress too bright or flashy details can be used with a disconnected coke, those unstructured, it creates a harmonic effect without overdoing the contrast.