Part II Can Choose What Backpack? Small Bags

Do the backpacks bulge too? Do they make you sweat more? Because if the article above were not your space, today we will see what features or types of bags we can find of a small size, and that in the majority of cases allows us to carry items on other sites that are not tied back.

In the vast range that we find to choose a bag as described in itypemba to carry the basics when it comes to go jogging instead of fastening of the bag or the distance to go, it will be important that we want to take and the hand that we have it.

The first sector to take into account is that of the small backpacks of less than 5 l. They are bags that tend to have turned on a fast to be able to open and manipulate everything that we carry; in them, we can put the mobile, keys, a wind screen, or even a small bottle of water. It must be borne in mind that these smaller backpacks tend to have more movement on the back and is not recommended to fill them with too much weight.

If you really want to not carry a backpack on the back, the next option is a Fanny Pack, also we will have everything we carry over accessible at any time.We can find several formats: the smaller, more like a portadorsal with a Pocket, these we will help to carry the 3 basic things in a career or very short train: front keys; for some asthmatic an inhaler; or even some gel or envelope of minerals if the train is extended. If it falls short, we can move to a Fanny Pack that already incorporates a pail of water and have an average capacity of pockets, in this case, introducing hydration will allow us to extend our training without having to turn to sources. You can also move the mobile, keys, a windshield or front. Finally, in the case of the Fanny packs, we can take into account a third much less usual size, but who trails of long distance runners prefer, it’s a very large bag where tend to appear two drums and a space for a little less than of a medium backpack load, they are prepared to take at least all the binding material of races we said , such as the waterproof windscreen, a liter of water, food, mobile, survival blanket, hat…

In addition to these three options, we have to bear in mind that there are always accessories for these hip bags, that allow to add pockets or similar to your bum.

Finally, and no longer so like a bag, you will find small specific accessories; one of them, not to say the most common, is the bracelet that allows you to bring the mobile. Unlike all previous methods, we have here a direct manipulation of the mobile, which in the case of a track or are undecided with music can be useful. In addition to this, you will find bags for Doll (wrench size) or even a small pocket for attachment to the cords. In this Pack we could also put the chip that in some races make us carry.

This is the vast majority of small bags that we can find, taking into account what we want running now we can search methods less bulky than a backpack.

Just go out and enjoy!