Paper Jam in the Printer, Causes and Solutions

Practice tests have shown, that of a Printer not comes down to whether is a paper jam, but when this occurs regularly. A paper jam is considered inevitable over the long term and can have many different causes. And these in turn an increase in dependence on each printer model is observed. That’s why we have taken a few tips troubleshooting together can be performed also by the laity.

Paper jam check cartridge

The first step should be getting a glimpse into the paper cassette. Here, it is important that it sticks to the maximum filling. At a crowded cassette provides the spring mechanism ensure that the power of the transport unit of the printer are not sufficient optimally to transport the leaves. It can even cause that one can make the tape for an optimal run may be only half full.

Also the location of the paper in the cassette plays a crucial role. Sometimes the cause of a paper jam is only that the leaves are sliding against each other and not optimally accessible. This happens most frequently with manual front and back side printing. Here, the leaves before inserting a should be pressed gently together and smooth painted. The laser printer should be she still to cool off completely before printing the back.

Wrong print paper ensures a regular jam

Not every printer can handle equally well with each paper. Especially the special paper should not conversely used for inkjet printers and laser printers. Also with the special paper for fax machines , you should not better feed its printer. Here, already an exchange of paper could provide for remedy. This is true also with regard to the strength of the paper being used. Exceeded the level appropriate for the printer, the paper jam in the duplex unit occurs. Thus it must be to know that many printers can handle thick special papers from the cassette, but only by the universal feeder out.

The constant use of cheap paper can quickly lead to the regular paper jam with high-performance printers. Is that cheap paper often has a strong abrasion. This means that repeatedly tiny fibres and dust from the paper in the printer stay and sit down on the transport mechanism. You can move freely accessible parts with a soft brush or the crevice nozzle from the vacuum cleaner to tackle this problem. In both cases, extreme caution is advised, in order not to damage the mechanism, the sensors and other electronic components in. Here you will find very high quality carbonless copy paper.

Debris as the cause of a paper jam

The paper jam occurs after printing labels, then you should look at all valves to be opened, whether they have solved not a whole label or parts thereof by the carrier sheet. The self adhesive bottom ensures that even tiny pieces of them can stuck out of place the mechanics and block the whole printer.

An expression with a tear comes out, then you should check immediately, if the hand is complete. This is not the case, must be then on the search, otherwise, you can wait for the next paper jam in the truest sense of the word. Most printers have a lever with which each can be solved the transport rollers, so that even the smallest shred can be removed. For hard to reach places, no metal objects should be used as tools such as tweezers and co.. They are not only a risk for the electronics, but can leave scratch marks on the transport rollers made of plastic. And these are then providing the next paper jam.

Optimal maintenance avoids the inkjet printer paper jam

Not just paper leftovers, inappropriate paper and foreign objects could be cause for a paper jam. Also the printer cartridges can be responsible, the leaves on a taped print head stuck. Located on the cartridges, you can remove them and clean with a soft lint-free cloth and a drop of nail polish remover. The use of cotton swabs is due to the fibres to be solved easily out strongly discouraged.

Check drum from the laser printer paper jam

The laser printer, it is the drum, which can provide more and more often with increasing age for a paper jam. You are always new condition smooth, but no shiny digits. Can also cracks and scratches for hang permanent paper sure are to observe restrictions being here but mostly parallel the quality of prints. The drums of laser printers can be ordered as a normal printer accessories and changed by a qualified electrician. But also contaminants of the drum can cause a paper jam. Then, they should be cleaned gently with a lint-free cloth and some alcohol. Before starting you should let dry but good.

When printing on noise

If a printer makes unusual noises, this is always an indication that there is a mechanical problem. Should be the cause for it not with the removal of foreign bodies and dirt be corrected can, an examination by an expert is the only advisable measure. It avoids not only the paper jam, but prevents also costly consequential damage to the printer.

In summary, it is to say that a regular jam can be pretty annoying. It costs time and especially mostly just then occurs when you immediately need important documents. Multi function devices, it can even happen that templates are broken, which should be scanned and faxed or copied. Therefore, you should check the listed vulnerabilities quiet too even preemptively in times with less pressure.