Pajamas and Nightgowns

There is nothing better than arriving home after a very long day, take a shower and go heels and adjusted to the Pajama pants. Am I right or not?

In my opinion is one of the wonderful life feelings. But this does not imply when you want us to feel comfortable at home we dress of “marionette”, as my mother would.

I am not in favour of spending all day in nightgown, not even the typical Sunday that I know that I am not going to leave, it will be because in my house we never left. For those days my model star of nightwear are leggings, a large (preferably male) shirt and a sweater.

But well, overnight if I reach home directly shower and pajamas. And what I said is that I believe that it is important that we feel we at least “monas” in those moments, both by ourselves and by our partners or children.

The fact is that love to me to buy this type of clothing. I just happens that with underwear, even if nobody can see it to me I like to feel beautiful on the inside. Really I think that these things go up the self-esteem of women.

I put an example, it is not the same look with Pajama trousers red with wide rubber down and pictures of Doraemon or Tweety, with straight pants up to down (which is also much more comfortable) stripes, flowers or any other drawing monkey of a thousand that are now in many places as in Oysho. I teach some of mine.

As part of the above, I also recommend replacing the typical propaganda t-shirt of thousand years ago, that we all have in our drawer, by a Basic cotton white or grayscale (sleeve long in winter and in summer short sleeve) who hit with all, well at least in my case, because I never go clear at bedtime tones (give me more feeling of calm and mostly cleaning) as well as sheets always use them white). Although we have faces of tired things change a bit, don’t you think?

They are also very comfortable (they have a point even sexy) the camisoles that has taken this last winter Women´secret. I bought one in summer of finite fabric and repeated in winter with this cotton, they seem to be ideal.

Nightgowns are my downfall, I love them all: short, long, old thread, silk or Batiste fresh as those we put small, dress etc. Especially in summer brunette, a monkey Nightgown favors a lot. To my it seems at least and I have a “collection”, lol. I teach some.

I love coats, I have different styles and use them both up the Pajama like to fix my hair or makeup. When I go out travel always I carry one in my suitcase.

As I always say, the things I tell here are my opinions that may be nonsense, but really believe that the spirit of the woman increases considerably when we feel beautiful and attractive, and this must not lose it or if you want to sleep, either alone or accompanied.

PS: Recommendation today, Carmen Berdonces bags, you spoke of them last winter and still do: handbags made in Spain with genuine leather of Ubrique, special designs and prices to suit all budgets. I have chosen these two for this winter, do you like?

The black background of absolute wardrobe and portfolio I liked because he had not seen any similar before, and is that my originality, without which it becomes bizarre, is what I conquers.

Kisses to all!