Review: LEDON-AR111-LED Spotlights

The new, non-dimmable, 13 Watts strong LEDON-AR111-LED spotlight with G53 socket – in size and brightness has professional dimensions anyway, but also at the quality of the light. A detailed test with interesting laboratory data.

First of all: Who is so far satisfied gave with moderately bright Ra-80 LED spots for 5 to 7 euros, for which this 13-Watt LEDON spotlights with sturdy, grey/black metal housing, plastic lens optics and around 50 euro EIA would be incomparably more expensive revelation, which makes the way back almost impossible. Its brightness and quality of light are too impressive compared to the usual “Butter and bread”-LED lamps. Continue reading ‘Review: LEDON-AR111-LED Spotlights’ »

WorldPenScan X, a Portable Scanner to Scan and Translate Texts in Android and IOS

Crowdfunding has managed to fund all kinds of gadgets that have made the functionalities of our phones and tablets to go far beyond the initially planned. Another example of this type of device is the new scanner and portable translator the Chinese company Penpower Inc is bringing forward in popular Kickstarter platform.

WorldPenScan X It lays claim to being the first pen scanner on the market, which will be able to recognize various written languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, bar codes and bank sources, offering the possibility for simultaneous translations from one language to another or from scanned texts or Fragments of a book or document. Continue reading ‘WorldPenScan X, a Portable Scanner to Scan and Translate Texts in Android and IOS’ »

Pebble Will Equal Wear Android Options with Your New Update

Watch Pebble, thanks to its e-ink screen, remains one of the best alternatives for all those who want to do with a smartwatch based on its battery life. But in addition to that, also count with a development team that continues to improve it almost two years after its launch.

With their next update, which is already being tested in beta testing channels, Pebble will match all aspects of Android Wear by basing your application on Google. In fact, according to the developers, there is no function you can do in Android Wear that is not available for Pebble. Continue reading ‘Pebble Will Equal Wear Android Options with Your New Update’ »

Dead Zebra Teaches Some Series 5 of The Figurines of Android and The Christmas Special

Dead Zebra is the one who takes care of put face to the famous figurines of Android, or rather, to make them reality. They are dozens of different artists designed these collectable small cited annually (special editions to part).

We now have the Series 5 of the ‘ mini collectible ‘ Android, as well as a new version of Christmas holidays. None of them will come, by the way, in time for the holidays if we live outside of the United States. Continue reading ‘Dead Zebra Teaches Some Series 5 of The Figurines of Android and The Christmas Special’ »

Dragonfly Futurefon, The Device That All Want Appears on IndieGogo

You should not go far because you also want a Dragonfly Futurefon, We are more to know. Who doesn’t want a phone that includes a folding dock with full keyboard and another screen, dual operating system and much more for only 400 dollars?

Because everyone would want one of these devices that have appeared on IndieGogo campaign financing, open a few weeks ago and widely overcome with almost 600,000 dollars already collected. Continue reading ‘Dragonfly Futurefon, The Device That All Want Appears on IndieGogo’ »

TVs Philips with Android Will Be These Christmas a Good Choice of SmartTV Resolution UltraHD

The Christmas season is very important for all manufacturers of technology, not in vain much of its sales are concentrated in these dates. Perhaps that is the reason why some decide to launch new devices or promote existing ones during the last weeks of the year, and Philips seems to be one of them with its Android-based TV.

We speak specifically of two models of Smart TV Philips, both with Android, and that they have a panel of UltraHD resolution and dual DVB-t tuner, allowing users to record a program while it is watching another TV in real time. Continue reading ‘TVs Philips with Android Will Be These Christmas a Good Choice of SmartTV Resolution UltraHD’ »

Pixable Is Bought by a Singapore Telephone Company

The last time Pixable It appeared on this page was by his arrival in Android thanks to the hard work of a Spanish developer which succeeded in getting an app in only three weeks. the result was so good that ended up being signed in offices having the company’s Spanish founder in New York. Continue reading ‘Pixable Is Bought by a Singapore Telephone Company’ »

Android Wear 5.0, Now with Customization of Display and More News

Watches Android Wear they will receive in the coming days his sweet ration of Lollipop with its update to Android 5.0, whose main novelty is the screen customization Thanks to the new API Watch Face with what developers already can officially launch their applications to change the interface of our watches.

This update of the operating system comes with quite a few new features to improve the usability of the current watches and the battery life. Known updates of Android Wear 5.0 they are as follows: Continue reading ‘Android Wear 5.0, Now with Customization of Display and More News’ »

Generator, Your Photos-Style Sleeve Sleeve

There are many applications of photography with different filters, but many are quite generic and without excessive personality and many with repeated and somewhat monotonous effects. Luckily once we have applications that have a touch of personality and humor qu elos makes stand out, and this makes it of, it is of Sleeve Generator.

Surely we have among our readers many followers of the Japanese comics, which include rasters, onomatopoeias, that only those who know the language identified. With it you can take photos and apply that style in black and white according to the contrast level you want in the photo. Continue reading ‘Generator, Your Photos-Style Sleeve Sleeve’ »

Is Android Wear Losing The Battle of The Smart Watches?

Android Wear was called to become the revolution expected smart watches. But watching the CES 2015 this may not be so. Perhaps Android Wear is losing the battle of the smart watches.

Let’s take a little data we have on the market for smart watches. The manufacturer that sold more terminals Android, Samsung, has opted for another operating system, Tizen. But the worst thing is that There are releases at CES that do not carry Android Wear. Continue reading ‘Is Android Wear Losing The Battle of The Smart Watches?’ »

Android Wear 5.0.1 Could Incorporate Major Improvements on Energy Consumption

Already a few weeks ago was rumored details of the new update of Android Wear Android 5.0-based Lollipop, which should arrive imminently to all smart watches that make use of the version for the operating system Android wearables.

This update It will include very profound improvements in almost all aspects: customization, accessibility, brightness settings and sensors, new managers autonomy and storage, as well as a long list that we still do not know completely. Continue reading ‘Android Wear 5.0.1 Could Incorporate Major Improvements on Energy Consumption’ »

Samsung Galaxy Camera Thoroughly

Our colleagues from Engadget have done a great in-depth analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. All that you are interested in this new kind of product so innovative and with Android in the heart You should read it. And if you’re more interested in features like camera, perhaps the analysis of Engadget photo, which is also spectacular interests you more.

A different camera, Android, social functions and very good finish. Samsung Galaxy Camera He is since then a very innovative product, the first of its range, for those who want to take photos either intensive or casual, and above all, share.

A New Patent Reveals a Light and Stylish Design for The Google Glass

The Google Glass just does not take off as a commercial product, and although it is one of the most interesting gadgets of the last few years by its enormous potential, the truth is that its price and limited distribution, as well as the controversies related to its use and privacy, are generating more stumbling blocks of the desired in your way.

However, Google does not resist to abandon the project star of its development laboratory, and if we saw a few days ago that he could release a new version of the smart glasses incorporating Intel hardware, today published a new patent that shows a complete redesign of the Google Glass. Continue reading ‘A New Patent Reveals a Light and Stylish Design for The Google Glass’ »

Narr8, Interactive Comics That Will Soon Arrive in Spanish

The publication of comics is no longer confined to the physical format, as it has to conform to the new formats and provide a new way of consumption. A way of doing this is with some interactive content to the reader most part of history, as in the case of Narr8 a platform for interactive comic which participates in the MWC. Continue reading ‘Narr8, Interactive Comics That Will Soon Arrive in Spanish’ »

Samsung Patents a Smartwatch Circular Design with Rotating Bezel

Samsung is one of the firms most involved in the launch of new wearables, not in vain, it has already launched several models of smart watches, and has even dared to introduce a platform Open Source like Samsung SimBand for the design of new wearable health-related devices.

However, the Koreans are not satisfied despite having in its catalog that is perhaps more complete smart clock on the market – the Samsung S – Gear, so following his instinct for innovation, have been launched the adventure of searching utility to a circular clock Apart from maintaining only a classic design. Continue reading ‘Samsung Patents a Smartwatch Circular Design with Rotating Bezel’ »

Android Wear 5.0 (Lollipop), Its First Innovations Are Filtered

Watches with Android Wear It will not be without its corresponding ration of Lollipop, also you will receive soon enough improvements and innovations with its most significant update since its launch a few months ago.

Thanks to our colleagues from Phandroid already know some of the novelties that expect them to smart watches with their update to Android Wear 5.0 (Lollipop), they are the following: Continue reading ‘Android Wear 5.0 (Lollipop), Its First Innovations Are Filtered’ »

Samsung Opens The Project SimBand and Finally Publishes The SDK

A few months ago that I talked for the first time of Samsung SimBand, a device based on a modular hardware with its software platform, fully Open Source and that it would serve as a base for the development of health-related devices and wearables.

We have waited since last May to have new news, but today we have the best, and it is the Vice President mHealth Samsung announced at a Conference for developers who the SimBand project opens to third parties by publishing your SDK at the end. Continue reading ‘Samsung Opens The Project SimBand and Finally Publishes The SDK’ »

FoodShareFilter, Sharing Photos of Food for Solidarity

Instagram is known for a lot of people, and one of its major uses as a social network is the of share photographs of food We are going to take, whatever. Taking advantage of this quality of NGO social network Manos Unidas He decided to give it a twist to the concept of sharing the meal, so you have a more direct effect with other people. Continue reading ‘FoodShareFilter, Sharing Photos of Food for Solidarity’ »