High Top Boots

The high-top boot is a key piece of winter and reinvents itself every season. But you need to know how to use it well: check out infallible fashion tricks to stretch the silhouette and value the look with skirt, shorts, legging or skinny pants. Enjoy and be inspired in our gallery, with more than 30 models of the international catwalks

Every autumn-winter season, the high-top boot reinvents itself as a fashion trend. And the catwalks anticipated that in 2013 the piece will appear with varied textures, colors and fabrics. The classic leather heel or fine leather boots, of course, remain. The proposals paraded by Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Emilio Pucci and Donna Karan are inspiring. But the high boot requires a user profile and harmonious combinations. Continue reading ‘High Top Boots’ »

How Did the wallpaper

The use of the  wallpaper  has been increasingly frequent, because it  renews the various types of environments, making them more  beautiful, cozy and nice.

What many don’t know is that he appeared in China around 200 b.c., as a  decorative element  of palaces and walls of rich merchants. Continue reading ‘How Did the wallpaper’ »

Residential Security System

Like Riding Or Ideal Residential Safety For Voce E Sua Family System?

Já virou padrão, each year and us more different corners of Brazil, to transmission of numbers pouco animators gives about urban violence.To be ter ideia, all year you Brazilian States ultrapassam or limit of tolerance established pela who, of 10 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants. Continue reading ‘Residential Security System’ »

Trend Our Site-Chic of Fringe Earrings

Have you seen the our site trend (short for “bohemian”, too unconventional) in the parks, at festivals and in the streets? Everywhere they meet you as soon as the sun comes out, all the maxi-skirts, batik tops and Roman sandals – they have just made a pretty comeback. The wild, cheerful look is clearly inspired by the 70s and their hippies, but today it is much more individual than it was then. For now everyone can make their own version of the Bohemian look “tinker”.

I particularly like the somewhat reduced game called “our site deluxe”: The style is a little less than the original, but as I think, much more elegant and also more every day. And: It is independent of age. Because very short jeans hot pants, belly-free fringed petticoats and short vests are simply no longer appropriate with more than 30. Or how do you see that? Continue reading ‘Trend Our Site-Chic of Fringe Earrings’ »

Learn How to Purify Water in His Travels and Adventures!

For The Time Of Busy Life, Dull And Commitments Receivables, The Antidote Is To Jumpinto The Arms Of Nature To Soothe Body And Spirit. However, The Backpackers Should Always Be On The Lookout For Some Basic Care For The Escape Does Not Becomean Unpleasant Event. And For That, Know How To Purify Water Is Essential. Continue reading ‘Learn How to Purify Water in His Travels and Adventures!’ »

Mobile Phone Installed in the Apartment? You’ll Find It Again!

Who does not know this: You just had your phone still in the hand and suddenly it disappeared.Without success, you will find the complete apartment. We have gathered some tips for you, how to find the hidden device in the house again. Continue reading ‘Mobile Phone Installed in the Apartment? You’ll Find It Again!’ »

Bathroom Decoration – Photos, Tips

Small Bathroom Decoration Photos and Models

When it comes to small environments people have many doubts about decoration, that is, how to decorate small spaces without leaving them even smaller, and our focus today goes to the bathrooms, because many people began to have an interest in the Decoration of Small Bathrooms. Continue reading ‘Bathroom Decoration – Photos, Tips’ »

About Backpack Bags

At the end of a long day’s walk, after the marshmallows were eaten and the fire is slowing down, one of his most important pieces of equipment out. The your sleeping bag makes all the difference between your next day be great or terrible. When the coffee does not remove the wool from behind your eyes, because your cold feet kept you from a deep sleep, it’s time for a new sleeping bag. Continue reading ‘About Backpack Bags’ »

Stainless Steel Bering Rings Interactive jewelry design

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered the Bering rings with Twist & Change system that can be considered revolutionary in modern jewelery design. What is so unique about the rings from this Danish company is that they are going to do and change using a screw mechanism. This is really simple and something everyone can do and that makes it possible to get a completely unique ring, every day! How Bering rings with Twist & Change system.

Continue reading ‘Stainless Steel Bering Rings Interactive jewelry design’ »

Cell Phone Ban on New York Schools Soon History

New Yorkhatte so far a remarkably rigid rules regarding cell phones in schools. Theoretically pupils could not even bring their mobile phones on the school grounds. Some schools but renounced the implementation of this regulation and punishing only the use of cell phones during class.  Continue reading ‘Cell Phone Ban on New York Schools Soon History’ »

The Beautiful Ties Clips

I have seen many different hairstyles and cokes in the celebrities, especially the last two red carpets we had–the VMA 2014 and the Emmy Awards 2014. Both January Jones as Claire Danes chose red dresses to the awards, of course each with their proportions and to compose the look have Coke low as the hairstyle of the time. Continue reading ‘The Beautiful Ties Clips’ »

Dresses for Debutants Valse

The debutante waltz dresses are beautiful and come in so many models, charming, elegant and powerful, and simply inexplicable, guaranteeing the girls a look of the fairy tales.

With always super-rounded skirts, with a lot of volume, with tulles, frills and overlays, with embroidery, draped, pleats, applications, pedraria, differentiated necklines and many other details, these dresses guarantee an unforgettable look, for sure. Continue reading ‘Dresses for Debutants Valse’ »

Planned Female Room

Planned Female Models Photos and Models

If you’ve ever seen a Female Planned Room know how beautiful and different it is, even more so because it’s all developed for the environment so we have the right sized furniture as well as all the other details as well.Therefore, know that the Female Planned Room is the design of many girls and women because it is modern and cozier as well.Which risks you falling in love even more.Although it is more expensive the person has to know that it is something with enough durability, that is, you invest more today but the return is much longer. Continue reading ‘Planned Female Room’ »

Apple Patent Tablet Cover with Foldable Screen

Apple has today received the patent for a “flexible display of dockable cover” from the USPTO (US organ responsible for patents and trademarks). The document describes a cover for iPads that would give devices a second screen, with several folding tabs, each of which could show different data. Continue reading ‘Apple Patent Tablet Cover with Foldable Screen’ »

Thursday’s Coat

EITA fifth beautiful to ride and get out to take a good drink! Too bad it is also labor day right? Here in the world capital of happy hour, Thursday is day pumped. People leaving for manhole looking for a charming bar to take a little wine and chat with classmates (or not).

And then I tell you: the best friend of a Thursday of toil+drinks? A coat of power. Continue reading ‘Thursday’s Coat’ »

The Best 7-Inch Tablet

What’s the best small tablet in the marketplace? See our compared

A recent survey, published in the Digital.com.br look, shows that the tablets are in the first place when the subject is Christmas present. And there have never been so many models and so many options in this segment. Also recently, Apple, who invented the category, has surrendered to competition and also launched a more compact model of IPad. Until then, there was only the 9.7 inch iPad. Now, the Mini is already in the North American market, with its 7.8 inches. The model is not yet for sale in Brazil, but there are a good chance of getting here before Christmas. Continue reading ‘The Best 7-Inch Tablet’ »

Plus Size Swimwears Blogs

“Size zero” was yesterday, today curves are in demand! The new stars among the bloggers show what to wear and not just what Blazer or what dress, but also what size. Lack self-confidence? No trace. Something check off!

The 1.95 m loves great fashion design student Franceta (20) life, she blogs daily about their looks. Her blog Franticdreams is a fashion and lifestyle platform.

Three golden rules of Franceta: Firstly: ignore all rules where you actually need to follow! Second, Ignore what others think! Third: Be!

Continue reading ‘Plus Size Swimwears Blogs’ »