Models in Skirts with Prints

Models Of Printed Skirts-Trends

The skirts are some of the most beautiful pieces that women can use and abuse during the warmer and beloved of the year, the summer. Short or long, rounds or fair, smooth or stamped, it doesn’t matter, the important thing and bet this piece so feminine and beautiful that lends itself perfectly to the half-season: Continue reading ‘Models in Skirts with Prints’ »

Xperia Z4 Tablet: Superfine Device is the Highlight of Sony

While in 2014 Sony has  bet on a large number of announcements and launches to catch the public’s attention, this year the company seems dedicated to investing more in quality than in the amount of new products. Proof of this is that during the MWC 2015 the company decided to show only a top-of-the-line device-the Xperia Tablet Z4, which fights for the world’s thinnest and most powerful tablet title. Continue reading ‘Xperia Z4 Tablet: Superfine Device is the Highlight of Sony’ »

Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are important to the face, especially by ensuring the expression in his eyes. There are different types and formats, and it’s not always our natural design is the most beautiful or appropriate for us. Many people model eyebrows pulling some hairs, but there are cases where the hair does not grow back. Then, when the drawing is misshapen, you must use techniques and products to fix it. Continue reading ‘Guide to Perfect Eyebrows’ »

How to Use: Basic White T-Shirt

It may seem silly to have a how to wear especially for a white T-shirt, but, oh, this post has a purpose, see? We get so caught up in fashion trends and what “everyone” is wearing that we just forget about those pieces that are wild and essential in our wardrobe.With this post, we want to rescue these versatile items that deserve a special place in our day to day looks. Continue reading ‘How to Use: Basic White T-Shirt’ »

Dungeon Pets, Virtual Pets with Dungeons

Few are, not that we will remember the old Tamagotchi in the 1990s, its difficult to identify creatures and that peculiar aesthetic. That style is still highly attractive and it can be great to make casual games that are not so simple, as Dungeon Pets.

This game can be summed up in a strange mixture between collecting Pokemon creatures, the aesthetics of Tamagotchi and the Dungeon exploration. The result is a very entertaining game and constantly give us some interesting challenge Continue reading ‘Dungeon Pets, Virtual Pets with Dungeons’ »

The Trend of the Triangle Bra

Comfort, style and sensuality. The triangle bra, that model free of bulges and structures, is one of the classics that have returned to be trend. Easy to include in the looks, this piece can be hidden and revealed – of course, with lots of class. Next, check out six versions available in Le Lingerie. Arrase, woman! Continue reading ‘The Trend of the Triangle Bra’ »

Black Leggings

Hello darlings,

This project has a timeless proposal or at least a five-year shelf life, which is a giant time lapse in terms of fashion. Here I have presented four pieces of clothing that can be considered pieces of a perfect wardrobe. They are: Jeans Shirt, White Regatta, Long Black Skirt and White Shirt. Can we move on to the next one? Continue reading ‘Black Leggings’ »

Tips for Printers and Multifunction Devices As a Christmas Gift

It’s just before Christmas and there are many people who are still considering, what they could pass their loved ones as a Christmas gift. Most of them think this also comes in handy. And so also scanners, printers and multifunction devices as a Christmas gift of popularity enjoy.

Continue reading ‘Tips for Printers and Multifunction Devices As a Christmas Gift’ »

Fashion Weekend Plus Size Summer

Plus size fashion week-spring/summer trends.

Fashion is for all and increasingly the fashion market becomes aware of it. At the end of July happened another edition of Plus Size Fashion Week. This is the promotion of fashion shows dedicated to those women who are proud of their ways and want to use current and looks full of trends, whatever your size. See more about FWPS: Continue reading ‘Fashion Weekend Plus Size Summer’ »

Backpack Scooter, a Backpack that Turns Bike!

It is not easy to practice mountain biking, especially if the goal is to reach the top of a mountain and then go down again on a bicycle, as well as requiring tremendous physical training, the activity requires a lot of motor coordination and skill in diverting two obstacles. That is why Bergmönch was created, a backpack scooter, that is, a backpack that turns cycling and improves the practice of the sport. Continue reading ‘Backpack Scooter, a Backpack that Turns Bike!’ »

Galaxy S4: Top Model in a Plastic Dress

Bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is reflected in the test as a high performance mobile. Display, camera and battery life are top. Less like us especially the plastic chassis, and also the new software features are not really mature. For one it is not enough therefore almost. Continue reading ‘Galaxy S4: Top Model in a Plastic Dress’ »

Looks with Sneakers: Pictures and Tips

How To Use The Tennis With Jump-“Sneakers”

Fashion lives of comings and goings, creating always new pieces and rescuing others who have already made the greatest success. A few months ago a trend has given to speak, sharing many opinions. You heard in “sneakers”? As it is, are the shoes with embedded heels that are popping all over the world. Continue reading ‘Looks with Sneakers: Pictures and Tips’ »

Shot Camera Like a Web Cam Using a Usb?

The old saying that body language is most of the media that your online conversations will be richer with a webcam. Some digital cameras, including the Sony Cyber-shot product line, can be used as webcams. Unfortunately, the Cyber-shot can not be used out of the box with a USB connection- which requires a video input. If you only have USB connections to your computer, however, there is still a way to make it work. Continue reading ‘Shot Camera Like a Web Cam Using a Usb?’ »

10 Products to Stimulate the Workout at the Gym

Keep the focus at the Academy is not a very simple activity for most people. It is often necessary to get stimuli that you do want to let laziness aside and go put the body in motion. Thinking about this effort, how about see a selection of products that can make your workout day more lively and stimulating? Check out: Continue reading ‘10 Products to Stimulate the Workout at the Gym’ »

Tablet Dl I Style Makes the Basics and Just

Low price is greater attraction of the appliance. Component quality leaves something to be desired

In the United States and in other countries, Apple dominates the market for tablets with your line of iPads . But in Brazil the situation is different. Although the device from Apple’s sweet spot of many technology fans, are the cheap tablets that sell more . In common, these devices have price between R $300 and R $400, in the range of 7-inch screens and Android system . Continue reading ‘Tablet Dl I Style Makes the Basics and Just’ »

What’s Behind Citizen?

Eco-Drive & Co: the innovations of citizen watches

Watches from Japan? You automatically think of quartz watches and radio from Seiko, Casio and Citizen. After all, it was the development advantage of the Japanese watch manufacturer in the quartz drive, which mercilessly depending on the Europeans, especially the Swiss, in the mass production of cheap watches in the 1970s and the European watch industry with its Mechanical wrist watches dropped into a deep hole. But that’s past, and you won’t live up to Seiko and citizen when you’re reduced to quartz watches. In addition to quartz watches, both brands also produce radio, clocks with GPS and analogue clocks. Continue reading ‘What’s Behind Citizen?’ »