Outfit 11.07.14

My three styles for the wrap dress by Kiyonna I already showed you (and there are even still a fourth style, if not for the “little black dress”, because in red I have already → the dress worn in London)-my favourite I’ve kept a bit further for you.

Whenever someone asks me if I have a styling tip for fat women, I call the wrap dress. There is actually a proper cut of it for each figure and it conjures up always a beautiful figure – where is a waist, these perfectly underlines where none is is a Hin draped visually. In my opinion there is nothing Weiblicheres than a wrap dress and actually every woman should have one.

The glamour look for have I also combined two beautiful pieces of Gucci: the sandals and the matching clutch in vintage metallic leather look with absolutely stunning Holoschimmer (in the right light really without words!) are exactly the right portion glamour, to have a wonderful outfit for the evening. I went a bit further and I elected to my favorite statement Earrings from London by Topshop and wearing a dark berry-red on the lips, as well as on the nails.

You have already Lakes my three styles with Kiyonna’s black wrap dress (and there’s actually a fourth look, even though it’s not with a LBD, as I wore → this dress in red in London) – this is my favorite style and that’s why I want to show you more pictures of it at Politicsezine.com.

When people ask me which styling advice I have for big women, I always say: a wrap dress. There’s a matching cut for everyone and it always makes a great shape – it accentuates already existing waists perfectly but can also create a waist if you haven’t got one. In my opinion, there’s nothing more feminine than a wrap dress and every woman should own one.

For this glamour look, I combined it with two gorgeous Gucci pieces: the sandals and their matching clutch in a vintage-metallic look with the most beautiful holographic shimmer (it’s unbelievably beautiful in the right light!) are just the right amount of glamour for a wonderful outfit for the evening. I even decided to go one step further and added my beloved statement earrings by Topshop, and I’m wearing a dark berry red not only on my lips but also on my nails.