Outdoor Lighting for Gardens

A well lit garden combines pleasure and security. Illuminate the branches of a tree, a staircase or a market not Japanese in the middle of the lawn requires specific outdoor luminaires. Here are our tips for a well chosen garden lighting.

Outdoor Lighting: Facilities.

Well enlighten garden is essential to enjoy this space throughout the year. Whether it’s to enjoy the view of plants and beds from the couch in the living room, to have friends in summer under the trees or simply light up the aisles to go home in the evening, or even to look for the cat that frolicking, there are several solutions facilities. Buried fixed electrical installation is more sustainable. It requires work that it is best left to a professional in electricity to comply with electrical standards in force. Upstream, it is advisable to think available to beds and walkways so that lighting is the most studied possible, the types of fixtures being different for a dining area, a terrace or to illuminate trees beautifully. From the House you can control garden lighting consisting of points, spots, lights and set your lights and their intensity. Namely, if you own: you are required to keep the plans of the buried facility. Light sources can be LED based, of eco-halogen or low-energy light bulbs. The alternative has the advantage of not requiring major work. LED by designers and manufacturers used to find now lights or light furniture that we recharge on a fixed basis guaranteeing up to several hours. Finally, to illuminate the garden the most simple solution, lies in the use of solar lights. Small solar panels on poles connected to luminaires by a thread are planted in the ground in places identified. Others have a micro-panneau integrated as in the balls or bright paper lanterns. If a solar lighting system has the big advantage of being very simple, the effectiveness of their lighting is of course dependent on the weather. If you want a soft and poetic atmosphere, hetongdiy recommend you use a fixed light to give your garden the development it deserves.

Outdoor Lighting: Spots

The spots offer important directional lighting. Their function is to clarify a point. Spot halogen mounted on poles planted in the ground shed light on the branches of the trees creating a spectacular effect (Stockton, inspires. 34.90 euros Leroy Merlin). To illuminate a stairs, equipped Led spots embedded in against them markets shed light efficiently without blind (Led Ultra white 54,95 EUR 10 spots. Castorama). If you want to mark up a driveway wooden or reconstituted stone slabs, use conventional spots stainless flush with energy saving lamps (Blox, Soltera. 39.95 euros the spot.) Castorama). In Botanic, shuffleboard stainless to ask, plant or screw with Led up to 5 to 8 hours of talk, resistant to shocks. (Watt & Home, Botanic. 17.95 euros each puck.) However it is best to use them in a wide fairway so as to not be dazzled.

Outdoor Lighting: the Terminals.

The terminals provide a lighting located in height not exceeding 1 meter from the ground. They are no longer visible during the day and are part of the decoration of the garden. Therefore, it is important to choose them also to aesthetics or discretion that you want to get. Their lighting diffuses a fairly wide beam, shining down. The terminals attached to the ground with turntables are adapted to the markup in the aisles or staircase. The so-called nomadic models, that are planted in the ground, allow great flexibility of use at the expense of optimum stability. You can thus place them in a massive or indicate a path, a not Japanese meandering in the lawn. Terminal solar Malibu aluminum 57 cm in height. (89.90 euros, Leroy Merlin), limited to Bellatrix in Blooma (39.95 euros Castorama) infrared motion detection.

Outdoor Lighting: Applied Them.

In order to succeed a nice lighting for the garden cannot overlook the front of the House as well as walls that delimit the various spaces. The appliques are the most popular provided that they offer a broad light beam. You must be able to order them from the inside, but also outside, the detector movement being the nicest solution. Windows, equipped Led, eco halogen or low-energy light bulbs bring an industrial air to your decoration, especially if the metal shield covering is painted black. Allow about 20 euros in cast aluminum and 3 euros for models PVC in DIY stores (Grandes Surfaces tinkering). For a contemporary look, there black and square aluminium and glass lights equipped with Led (REF Lunas. Massive at Castorama, 99.95 euros each). Top-down so-called appliques have more traditional forms, such as lanterns.

Outdoor Lighting: Decoration Light.

The trend is bright furniture, such as chairs, tables, boxes that create a spectacular effect. You will find Foscarini as the table Solar Outdoor which the hemisphere tilted light form is covered with a Brown opaque steel, 692 euros top polyethylene. Bright chairs with variation of colors thanks to a remote control (149 euros, houses in the world), giant flower pots for a driveway or terrace (Serralunga) balls decorative on the lawn (Foscarini), the choice extends a little more each year. One thing is sure, it is the trend! Less costly, but very festive solution: you will find an abundance of solar lanterns, of suspensions, garlands of light balls, paper plant in the stands, hang near a dining area (Ikea, Fly, paragraph).

Outdoor Lighting: a Book for More Information.

Whether on the different types of light sources, the highlighting of a brick wall, pool lighting, trees, lawn, this book is a true guide to transform your garden in a magical way! Of case studies, practical tips, photos and sketches profusely illustrated.