Organize Your Private Space

The Organization of the room will allow you to save time and concentrate on other tasks more pleasant than looking for something in a drawer that you don’t even know for sure if you’re out there buried. Enjoy the beginning of the year and renew the energies of your closet.

1. Your clothes well cared for and stored:

So much for the closet the closet the rule is valid, the intelligent distribution increases the space. You need to think about the clothes that will be hung on hangers, whether to have a calceiro, as the shoes will be organised and how many boxes will be needed.

2. The Dresser is a basic item for the room:

The dresser is a mobile Joker in any environment, especially in the bedroom, your drawers are of great help to the Organization of clothes that do not need to be hung, and also small parts, like lingerie, socks and pajamas.

3. Boxes are the best allies for maintaining order:

The accessories and small clothes convey the sense of chaos. That’s where the boxes are essential to organize them via Those who have a transparent plastic display are practical to locate what you’re looking for without having to open them. Use the boxes to keep the season clothes of the children of the House.

4. Organize your Accessories:

There is a suitable for each type of accessory. This is a template for the bracelets. Nothing to stay for that favorite bracelet, minutes before leaving.

5. personal details:

Have your own treasure chest, with what it needs to keep the hand. Buy a beautiful and special box to keep the pieces like jewelry, jewelry affective and scarves.