Optimal Heart Rate Training

What is your optimal heart rate during exercise depends on the belastningsintensitet, physical and psychological factors, influences from the outside, and the format of the day. So the route profile can affect the temperature or weather your heartbeat. Although what you eat or drink has an effect on heart rate. It can be assumed in terms of the maximum heart rate training zones below.

Heartbeat says something about your condition

Heart rate can be a good indication for a workout on a rising or falling condition. If you insert the same distance on the same terms as the average heart rate has become less, then it is a sign that your endurance has improved. And vice versa, of course, an indication that reduce fitness.
But don’t make yourself a slave to the heart rate monitor and track every now and then during practice also encourage home. Go to your workout perfectly suited for your body feel, just like the kids do!

Heart rate and fat loss

To practice basic endurance must be training heart rate between 60-75% of your maximum heart rate. In this range, is the energy of the body largely by fats. Because the rate of fat oxidation increases with increasing training time, should a session last for at least 60 minutes.
By the way, start the fat burning, according to many publications, not just for 40 or 50 minutes, but already in the beginning of the training. Percentage of fat loss would be larger because training time is longer. Glucose is depleted inventories should be used when there are more fat for energy supply, resulting in increased oxygen consumption.
What causes acid rain?
You need slower Cycling/Hiking because inhaled oxygen differentiation is not enough to burn prepared energy. You sours. The breakdown of glucose and fatty acids affect each other in opposite directions.The fat metabolism during exercise begins when glycogen stores declined sharply. That rule is that after 90 to 120 minutes case. If the load is too heavy, it causes acidification.

Training in the aerobic zone

Aerobic training heart rate zone should be between 75 and 85% of your maximum heart rate. Energy consists of about 40% from fat and about 60% from carbohydrates. This zone is ideal for fitness-building, with the intake and consumption of oxygen each other the right balance. It also uses the term “staedy State.”

Pace and interval training: anaerobic zone

Heart rate in this case is over 85% of maximum heart rate. In this zone the inhaled oxygen inhaled oxygen is no longer sufficient to burn off the energy supplied. Body sours and no fat can be burned. In this zone, the race specific endurance, lactate metabolism and anaerobic endurance training.
A zone that is not appropriate training with a focus on health. Even elite athletes work up to 15% of their training programmes in this area. Recovery phase after training in this area for a very long time.