Opera Launches New Versions of Opera Mini and Mobile

Mozilla was not the one who chose this Tuesday as the D-Day to launch a browser. The Norwegian Opera Software also graced the Internet with two new versions of their browsers for smartphones, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. They have been updated to versions 11:06, respectively, and brought several improvements over earlier.

Opera Mobile 11 is the only one of the two that has native support for HTML5, JavaScript and Adobe Flash, but both he and his younger brother Opera Mini 6 now have a more streamlined interface for bearing and navigation to specific areas, zoom pages with the right to pinch gesture to zoom in and (in mobile phones with multi-touch support) and direct sharing of browsed social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But one of the characteristics that at least I did not expect is the attention that Opera has to tablets these two updates. Both won custom interfaces for tablets when they are opened on larger screens than the standard, whether it is running Android or other supported system.

Speaking of systems, Opera Mobile11 is available for Android and Symbian (versions for Windows Phone 7, MeeGo and Maemo are available in Labs) and Opera Mini 6 can be downloaded for Symbian, Android, Blackberry and any phone supporting J2ME. The download is free and it can be done by accessing the page m.opera.com.