On the Road Show: Canon’s Colorful World of Photography

Recently at a secret location high above the rooftops of Hamburg, Canon has loaded a small and lovely company to the tryst. We CURVED were on the ground and we have looked at a few devices from close to us.

Canon is known for its cameras and printer, but you know also the Legria mini X? This small camera is directed to all self-promoter and followers of Selfies where the camera in the phone is not enough. Visually the device reminiscent of a Tricorder from the series “Star Trek: the next generation”.

However, the Canon Legria mini X has it all, the camera will record but videos in full HD at 25 frames in AVCHD or MP4. Then the stereo microphones mounted on the front to ensure good sound. The quality of the microphone not enough out, which can connect also an external microphone via the 3.5 mm jack connector on the page.

The use of the camera is extremely simple: camcorder set up, align if necessary, even with the built-in stand and can already be taken. The clips can be then via Wi-Fi or Smartphone in the network load, or transfer to your computer for further processing.

In addition to the Legria mini X there was to see many compact cameras from Canon. What other cameras were there, you can look at you you in our picture gallery. A test to the Canon’s Legria mini X is coming soon.