OH! Edo Towns Comes to Android So You Steps a Period Village Edo Thanks to Kairosoft

As it is becoming customary, each month falls a game of Kairosoft Yes or Yes, sometimes even two. This month has already fallen Kairobotica, a space colony full of Kairobots management game space rangers, but have now decided to carry one of the games that have been more successful in iOS and that we can include in the field of the management of cities.

It’s OH! Edo Towns, and named as explanatory us will put in charge of a village in the Edo period, known to be a time where samurai culture had its maximum expression. In this game besides the money factor will not be what decides our success, but the concept of Yield, that I could be translated as revenue in the absence of a noun better. Is achieved with good facilities with ornaments, using objects and with citizens with high-level, which gets an overall rating very complete.

And it is still is not that all the inhabitants of the village have money because Yes like in many games Kairosoft. Here you must manage everything to the nearest millimetre by a factor of management as none. Residents will have to go to your workplace, always appropriate to their profession, to get money then spend in the shops of the village, and there will be where to get the money.

With the money, we will improve the village and inhabitants will be stronger and more productive, which will make to increase the revenue of the people, which is the main factor that will decide the power of our people. It is full, but not too complicated to scare anyone, in addition to a fast rhythm that will delight everyone. In addition, the research system baby Pocket Academy, but without that difficulty and tediousness that made it boring.

If you liked Epic Astro Story micro-management and the versatility of Hot Springs Sotry, no doubt this game is made for you. To the surprise of many, the app comes in English and Japanese, so there is no problem to buy this app even if the title is in Japanese, in addition to be very complete and entertaining.

OH! Edo Towns

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Kairosoft
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 3.80€
  • Category: Games