No Trauma to the Hair Removal of Bikini Line

The Carnival is over and it’s time to get back to normal life (homesickness, Carnival!). After I finish in Bahia and fall in love head over heels (and forever) by the places where I spent at a big party that I will never forget, it’s time to go back to take care of myself. In addition to the nails, which as you know I always keep in order, another point that I find very is waxing.

Some people prefer to adopt a more naturalistic look and don’t come even close to razors, waxes or other methods. After all, every woman knows what he’s doing with his own body, isn’t it? I prefer to shave. And I decided to publish some tips to help you at this point that sometimes is annoying and painful.

Did you know that it is better to make shaving a few days before any contact with a kitten or even to take advantage of the swimming pool or beach? All because, with blade (which I’m not really use to groin), wax, or depilatory creams, skin takes about three days to get balls or even red. Another cool tip is to never make it very close to the menstrual period or during because the pain will be intensified.

Without suffering

If you are more for the plus size than for leanness, the skin may get angry with the friction of the legs, for example. The contact between the thighs can leave everything very angry. Ideally, some moisturizer and take a hot shower before shaving. Here at Best-medical-schools you can get more different models and styles. As soon as the skin gets a little softer so you do what you prefer.

In fact, the trick of the cream is worth to use skirts and dresses and go out without bumping into thighs don’t spoil your life. I’ve written about it here: Our site. Anyway, back to waxing, it is better to let a few short days to rest the shaved site. If you don’t trust enough in cream, bet on the short shorts! Now, in the summer, they do more than needed and I’ve shown several looks with cool shorts-no excuse that doesn’t look right, don’t suffer from heat! With legs lisinha, it’s time to go somewhere else that also needs attention. I wrote here a while ago about artistic hair removal and, if you like, you play! In addition, you can make 1001 different images, right? Just let creativity loose scroll or look for some of the specialised exhibitions. Ideas are out there in various sites and can help you decide which the best drawing.

Even without thinking about drawing some, pain-free hair removal only with depilatory creams. Be careful because there are people who don’t fit very well and may even have allergies. It is very important to use something that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t it? Abuse and use of creativity and choose your preferred method.

Anyone out there ever tried this technique or you still prefer the basicão. I know it’s hard for women to assume as take care, but we need to break down some barriers, huh? I like to do the bikini line waxed because the result is so much better and lasts longer. Already in the armpits and legs end up using the same blade for being more practical, but I confess that my armpit just dimming a bit for it and that the ideal would be to do with wax!