Nike Shoes for Sporty Women

Nike presents the new 2014 collection of comfortable and trendy sneakers, suitable for sporty chic look

The trend of the moment wants a sporty look with a chic twist on well-designed outfits. A woman who likes to be trendy, but that does not renounce to the comfort of a nice pair of sneakers.

A party trend by some high fashion runways as the case of Chanel with its oversize sweatshirts worn over a bon ton skirts and stiletto sandals. With a sporty chic look women search and create an outfit that mixes together slacks with glamorous details such as rhinestones or ladylike skirts with sneakers and running shoes defined on Shoe-wiki.

It is on this line, Nike has created an extensive line of running shoes from trendy colors and fluo ideal for sports activities, but also to wear to the office every day-for a strictly informal and casual look-and perfect for shopping. Nike also, through its online shop allows customers to customize each shoe by choosing from a wide combination of colors and color effects, but also from a wide range of models based on the task you want to perform.


Shoes are designed for running, shoes that accompany the natural movement of the foot to ensure the greatest possible comfort such as Nike Free. The latter created in different types differ in their technical specifications, are specially designed shoes for the sport of running, flexible, cushioned and breathable.

Flyknit is the name of the brand new line of Nike running, who studied three different footwear by frequency turning sports activities. They are super flexible shoes with hexagonal grooves in the soles that provide a natural movement and have a slight upper that adapts to fasciandolo foot perfectly and supporting him for greater comfort. Of this line the Flywire is the shoe which is best suited to be worn by any runner, but also to be worn daily with easy look.

In addition to this most technical line, Nike has created a series of trendy sneakers and super comfortable, with pastel colors that alternate in fluorescent colors that can be the perfect match even with the most sought outift.

Air Max

This is the famous running shoes with air in the sole. This year Nike has revived this historic reinventing model both as regards the color tones that the shape and as to the running is possible customization. Many models like Nike Air Max 90 Engineered Mesh iD or Nike Air Max 1 Liberty are perfect for a casual chic look, with gold details and floral print.