New Toilet Towels

The toilet is often one of those forgotten rooms of our house. Sometimes because just giving more priority to areas that we use most often as the kitchen and the rooms, or we find difficult to decorate a room with limited space, or even for pure oblivion! Today on the blog we will show you our news in toilet towels, so you see how easy it is to add a touch of charm, finesse and comfort for this environment!

The Toilet Tie Towel and Toilet Towel Cuore are extremely charming, and have delicate embroidery in precious stones, leaving them even more sophisticated, elegant and refined! They are perfect to give a touch of sparkle and charm to your toilet, giving the decor a soft and slightly romantic air!

The towel Toilet Blue Rose is ideal for those who want to put a little color and delicacy to your toilet this summer! His embroidered with delicate but vibrant colors, makes this piece one of the essential items to add charm and lightness to your decor.

Very delicate embroidered with colorful flowers, Toilet Aliso towel combines beautifully with spaces that need a touch of romanticism, delicacy and rusticity! The beige tone complements towel embroidery, resulting in a versatile towel.


Embroidered with very delicate organza flowers in a tricoline base, Toilet towel Violet has shades of gray with light touches of red, and adds color and delicacy to your bathroom in a discreet and elegant way. Already Pearl toilet towel, which also features an embroidered with organza flowers also includes the application of small pearls. This detail makes this piece even more sophisticated and refined, ideal for classic and elegant toilets!

All toilet towels are embroidered on Hydrocotton towels, which are produced with the Turkish cotton, one of the world’s best, through an innovative technique of weaving. The result is softer towels and napkins, ultra plush, soft, with smooth texture and quick drying, which are even more beautiful with this unique embroidery!

He was eager to learn even more about our toilet towels? Click on the images below to learn more about our products!