New Google Tablet Project Tango with 3D Scanner for Sale

Another of the great innovative initiatives of Google was to create the Project Tango. It is formed basically by a smart phone and tablet, the idea is that the line devices were able to capture the images to your surrounding environments in three dimensions and reproduce digitally. At first he was facing only for developers and with few units produced. But the news that came to change everything, it is possible to buy on Google Store the equipment for the low price of US $ $512.

He drew much public attention mainly because of advanced applications that may be made upon this feature, as the accurate measurement of closed sites and the ability to play with relative ease with augmented reality. The problem, for those who did not receive development kits in the range, was that, initially, the Project Tango Tablet could only be purchased through invitation and for as little as $ $1000 us dollars.

Yet earlier this year of 2015 were announced some good news regarding prices, having cut in half and arriving at the current level of about R real $1600. Even with the requirement that you have a code released by the search Giant to make the purchase. Without any notice, the owner of the project decided to throw open the appliance sales a day before your Google i/o 2015, removing any restriction to it, despite your public that enhancing is not yet the final consumer. That is, anyone can buy the Tango!

“We’re opening up sales more broadly, so now is the last chance to buy the device that we reserve for you”, Google message sent to customers who had been invited earlier to acquire the product.

Unfortunately, only the Americans can take a tablet of the line home, since the equipment is for sale only on Google Store North America.

Anyway, based on the text in the email sent by the company, it is possible to speculate that there are chances to see news or, who knows, a second phase of the Project Tango arriving at Brazilian soil.

What you can say is that it’s a great opportunity to purchase access to those traveling or import the equipment type.

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