Never10, Simple and Free Utility Prevents Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft took a big step with Windows 10 to make it free for all users of versions 7 and 8.1. But perhaps the step was slightly larger than the leg: those who do not want to update their systems, Microsoft has insisted much to change their minds.

There are numerous reasons why someone does not want the new Windows 10 despite all the good news it brings. Software that only works in an old version or the mere fact that a machine with Windows 7 is still running well are just two of them.

Regardless of the reasons, if you do not feel safe, yet, to upgrade, to keep the current version has been increasingly difficult. A few weeks ago the Windows Update changed the status of the upgrade from Windows 10 to “recommended” and, by some accounts, came to install it without the user’s explicit consent .

To avoid these problems some people have prepared tutorials and developed small utilities that disable the Microsoft invested. The most recent is called Never10 and was developed by Steve Gibson.

The coolest of Never10 is that it does not install anything on Windows, just adjust some settings manually are complicated means to do. After running it you can even delete the program without any prejudice what he proposes to do.

The Never10 is free and, despite the name, also restores the ability to upgrade to Windows 10. Remember, moreover, that the term of the new version gratuity ends soon – according to Microsoft, until July 29, 2016.