Neon Makeup

Talking about my new friendship with sneakers–this is definitely the second pair of very special kicks that made me fall in love with them. I’ve already posted an →“all black”outfit with my neon Superstars which made them stand out alone, but this time I tried to integrate them into a colorful look. Of course it had to be something different but still me, so I went for a floral bustier, my beloved denim joggers and–still my favorite companion–a hat.

I really like to get out of my comfort zone from time to time, even though sometimes this means that an outfit isn’t very flattering or makes people stare at me because they’re not used to – let’s just say it – fat people wearing something that they’re “not supposed to wear”. Fashion is about having fun, trying new stuff, new shapes and colors, sometimes following a new trend, sometimes standing against it and creating your own look. It’s not about following the so-called rules, living in a box and really believing that you’re not allowed to be wearing a piece that you’d actually really love to wear. Being fat doesn’t mean wrapping yourself up in a preferably black blanket in order to please people who don’t want to see you feeling good in your own skin. Being fat is as great and as allowed to be seen in public as being skinny.
Well, that escalated a little – I actually just wanted to say: from time to time, try something else than your “daily uniform”, you might feel just as great in it as I felt in this absolutely Adeola look for me. It what comfy, colorful and has still had my very own touch thanks to the and the makeup. Here at Findjobdescriptions you can get more different models and styles.

If we are talking about my new friendship with sneakers – this is definitely the second slightly nonstandard pair of shoes that has me wrapped around her finger. I’ve posted already a → ‘All black’ outfit with my neon-yellow superstars, where I’ve placed it in the foreground, and this time I tried to integrate them in a colorful look. Of course this had to again what are quite different, but nonetheless “Lu”, so I got me for a Bustier with floral print, my beloved jogging jeans and – still my favorite companion – a hat decided.

I like it very much, once out of my “comfort zone” to break out, even if it sometimes means that an outfit is not particularly advantageous or will persuade people to stare at me because they are not used – we say it easy to time – see fat people wearing something, what they “actually do not carry”. Fashion is fun, that’s why, to try new things, new shapes and colours, to follow a trend or even to give up and instead to create his own look. It’s not about to follow this so-called rules, to hide and to believe that one is not allowed to wear something, what you feel but actually huge. Being fat does not mean to wrap, to satisfy the people who don’t want to see that you feel comfortable in his body in a huge, preferably black cloth. Thick is just okay and may as well in public be seen as thin.
Okay, that’s a little mannered – actually I just wanted to say: from time to time something else as your tried “daily uniform”, because maybe you feel is just as great as I in this absolutely atypical look for me. It was comfortable, colorful and I brought up but also my own touch, with the hat and the makeup.