Music Station Max: New Music Download Service Planned

Want a business model established operators, where unlimited downloading of music on the mobile phone is already contained in the tariff plan of the network operator. Of 12 February on the mobile phone trade show in Barcelona presented plan has one important difference to previous subscription offers: The Omnifone MusicStation Max service users continue to use the

downloaded songs after their contract has expired. Usually the music loaded into a subscription can no longer play after which.   the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer LG will build a special phone for MusicStation Max, informed the two
companies at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It should have a touch-sensitive screen and support the exchange of music and song lists between users. model is the direction in which the industry developed, and was convinced Omnifone CEO Rob Lewis in conversation with the dpa. Part of the mobile sale price will go to the music companies. The business model could be extended also to other content such as video. Omnifone has according to own all four major music companies and several leading mobile network operators as a partner for the new service won.   the company was exactly a year ago also in Barcelona at the start. Music downloads directly to mobile phones are still a niche market, even in the face of far higher prices than buying songs on your PC. In November, Omnifone UK started a service in which music without restriction for 1.99 pounds a week can be downloaded. «««(dpa/rs) » Mobile World Congress: are the Mobile Trends 2008 » Test & Advisor: Ten flat cell Phones in the Test » Up-to-date: The Technology Innovations of CeBIT 2008 » News: COMPUTER IMAGE-newsletter

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