Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

In a world where multitasking style is more and more present, even our furniture must adapt here is that every piece of furniture is made ​​in two for our homes, performing two functions that are essential to life in the home, but also work as mere decorations to embellish a little ‘rooms. 

Here are 14 ideas from craftinlearning that you can achieve with the DIY furniture for that, in fact, are “double”:

  1. Booth with mirrorincorporated, so dress up and enjoy your look will be easier.
  2. Pen holder with “floral” pensto decorate your desk with style and simplicity with a useful accessory.
  3. Vases of flowersthat can also serve as a street number for your home.
  4. Chairs brings everything in the garage: when not needed we can use them as shelves, but when we have guests over for dinner, just pull them down from the hooks.
  5. The head of the bed colored, hiding behind our wardrobe, for those with limited space at home.
  6. The coffee table that, once opened, hides our children’s toys, but also our magazines…
  7. The cabinet with doors that hide in our position to work on the PC, ideal for a studio set up at home.
  8. The storage ottoman to put down the bed or in the master bedroom, to contain within it or other documents.
  9. The framework, perhaps to be realized as a slate to write messages or shopping lists, that turns into a table or shelf.
  1. The outdoor coffee table that without the cushion turns into a gaming table for the whole family.
  2. The vessel, moving the saucer as a lid over, it becomes a coffee table to place the glasses in the garden.
  3. The decorative wall which also works as hanging pots, ladles: really brilliant and original.
  4. The toilet paper holder that with a simple shelf above, it becomes an ideal place for those who use the telephone even in the bathroom.
  5. The ancient book which besides being a nice decoration for your house also works as an object to cover the router, which is never good to see.