MP10 M2 Dual SIM Cell Phone

The phones of the most generic brands are increasingly evolving. There are always models very similar to those of “official” brands, at least on the outside. Whoever buys MP10- style handsets and others in the category is not always concerned about the “durability” factor, but there is no denying that such devices are ever better.

MP10 M2 Dual SIM Cell Phone

Cell Phone MP10 M2

See for example the MP10 M2 cell phone.  It is a dual-chip cell phonewith a full keyboard (called QWERTY keyboard), flashlight, 1.3MP camera with built-in flash and also a camcorder function. It has FM Radio and plays audio and video in MP3 and MP4 formats. The MP10 M2 comes in black, gray and red. In terms of connectivity, allows internet through GPRS and WAP. The battery promises to last 4 hours in conversation, which is little nowadays.

Take a look at a photo of the MP10 M2 with Dual chip:

Is it worth buying an MP10 M2?

Only and only if you need a disposable phone if you have lost your “official” cell phone. And even then, it may be worth buying a simpler cell phone, but a better-known brand. The purchase of mobile xing ling model , such MP10 M2, is very risky. Cell phones do not have a single standard of construction, and may end up even after only a few minutes of use.

Our recommendation is always to make savings for the purchase of a quality cell phone, even if it is urgent. It’s better than throwing money away with a device you’ll use once or twice, do not you agree?

Is that you? Do you like alternative cell phones or do you prefer those of well-known brands? Give your opinion!