Most Environmentally Friendly Water Bottle

Take Me To A Gourd!

If there is one thing that irritates me deeply since we “practice” the zero waste… This is the Bottle of applesauce!!!

Before going any further you should know that this mood ticket has no vocation of judgment, negative criticism or anything else! We, like you, consumer of this ecological horror!

Simply, I learned what this bottle is actually, what it represents on an environmental point of view and especially I met washable counterpart who hate me even more so the abyss bottom of GreenWashing!!

What is a flask of stewed?
The disposable version is a flexible pouch containing Compote to taste it without use of dishes!
Chic we saved a spoon!

It is composed of aluminum and plastic sheet. Two components that represent two separate recycling streams.
This means that this bottle is NOT RECYCLABLE!

Sorry to disappoint the Terracycle pro but there is not yet of this packaging recycling means because we don’t know how to separate the different materials.
So… no Terracycle don’t recycle… they just store in a corner waiting for a solution… whether she ever!

For washable version is either a pocket in a washable plastic or silicone Pocket!
So yes it’s washable, yes it saves waste but… I’ll tell you why it is a good idea!

Washable but disposable!
Even if these gourds are washable, they are still disposable and especially not recyclable.
It’s still a waste!
The goal here is right do not produce waste… so missed!

More brands advocated a number of uses, such as WaterBottlesShop that offers various types of water bottles.
For example, for the Squiz is 50 uses.
At the rate of applesauce a day that is not even two months of use!
Personally I call it the lasting.

And again! Basically me I heard (on their part) 150 uses! It’s weird, we don’t have the same number!

So much to say that in fact they remain in good condition and that they continue to use them beyond the 50 uses… but no you it not a risk?

Health I’m talking!
If they say 50 uses is certainly for good reason.
May be there was you he micro holes in plastic or silicone which then expose content to harmful substances.
A bit like a scratched Teflon coating.

The gourd create a need

The arguments to the use of these gourds are many and sometimes wacky!
Yet once I’m not judging but it is clear that people are trying to convince themselves of their usefulness rather than admit that it is a vast hoax!

The argument 1: “My child does not know to eat from a spoon!”

One is my favorite!
I therefore deduce that this same child don’t know either eat other foods as its puree of vegetables or her yogurt and that, therefore, he eats EVERYTHING in a flask of stewed!

Where I am concerned it is that children MUST learn to feed alone and with cutlery… easier with instruments like this gourd it is clear that he will never learn a use a spoon.

The argument 2: “It’s less washing up!”

Y’ no dishes but must “treat” this waste! Throw it in the trash, take out the trash etc!
At a time where we have virtually all a dishwasher… I think than a spoon and possibly a small bowl, it isn’t death!
So for me it’s a false argument!

The argument 3: “It’s more convenient to eat and take away!”

For the practical side I don’t see how it is easier to open this bottle rather than a glass jar?
Ah yes it’s necessary to wash the spoon!:-/

Finally the prospect to the tip of this thing to my mouth while I don’t know where he dragged… ugh!
It’s like the cans…!

For the side “to go” (I don’t even talking about people who use this product from outside… at home!), is – this indispensable to have a compote?! Can’t wait until the evening at dinner? Or can we not take a banana? An Apple? These fruits are really practical are smart because they have a natural packaging… Hey!

But it was not counting on the following argument…

The argument 4: “My child is too small to eat a fruit”
Oh unless there teeth, your child is quite capable of eating a fruit like an Apple or a banana! Yes good by it will certainly longer than you to eat but it’s time for a snack… y’ has no fire to the Lake! If?
Just say that you don’t want to peel! Laughing out loud

In addition what to know is that we eat too soft!
Our digestive system is completely deregulated since there is nothing to do. We eat “premaches” foods.
Same goes for our teeth. Did you bite an Apple action promotes the eradication of tartar on teeth?

The argument 5: “My kids like it!”