Montopia, Plagiarism More Blatant Pokemon Seen Up to Now Is Created by Zynga

Since become popular Zynga with games like FarmVille or Mafia Wars in Facebook, its route has not only getting worse, pulling out games that are a complete plagiarism from other games. However, with the Montopia game they have reached levels that border on what is acceptable.

When he is announced a game of capture of monsters, all have their style differed little, although many basic elements are Earth, water, fire and wind, with the beam approaching from time to time. However, in this game have reduced it to only three types: fire, water, and plant

Precisely the water beat fire (natural law), the fire beat the plants (don’t have to be very smart) and plants by removing water. The same approach than Pokemon. This could happen, but have to see from where comes the monster Aquazard, and is resembling more of it plausible to the Pokemon Snivy, Initial Pokemon black and Pokemon white.

The resemblance is undeniable and the plagiarism is more than clear. They may not allow for this kind of plagiarism, and would have a pass if the game was well done, but the gameplay is null and there is no sense of fun that makes us ask ourselves this rather than as a game to taunt the world. I ask please that if you find this game does not download it, Maybe it won’t you rather than waste time and you promoveréis plagiarism and blatant theft of ideas.