Modern Towel Rack Ideas

All too often when we decide to put a towel rack in more in our bathroom, we are guided by reasons essentially practical. Finding a good accommodation to our linen and create a state of general order are our priorities.

Then when it comes concretely at the time of purchase, we are faced with a wide range of types of towel bars to choose from, so you start to think about the aesthetic component of each.

These, our research becomes finalized to identify the towel more useful but also more suitable and able to enhance our bathroom.

The currents of Modern Design greatly facilitate our choice, with more and more functional proposals and especially more and more cured and finished from the aesthetic point of view.

In choosing the most suitable to our bathroom towel rack, two stylistic assessments can approach the right decision.

It must first take into account the overall style of decor bathroom to get to the choice of the “right shape”; secondly, must be carefully the prevailing colors of the furnishings and finishes, to get to the choice of the “raw material” best suited to that environment.

Massive, impressive, aesthetically relevant, on the towel bar model in Barra Triple Bisk of Futura.

It is a complement stainless zinc, maximally resistant and able to support a strong load of laundry, prepared for fixing to the wall, with a system that is extremely simple and retractable.

It occupies on the chosen wall a space of 32 cm length, to 9 cm in height and 2 cm thick.

The structure is equipped with three chrome bars, which can be arranged in a staggered position relative to one another, providing more space for the linen to be used and, therefore, contributing greatly to the general order of the bath room.

A really interesting proposal, which aims to give wall clocks to any room furnished in modern style.

Fine and elegant towel Axis Fingertip mobile bath of Interdesign.

It is a towel from the ground, of small size (only 34.5 cm in height), which is maximum prominence if placed on the base of the sink, in the area immediately below the mirror.

A metal towel holder with circular base, thread-like foot and sometimes undulating, curved and sinuous arms.

Suitable for the accommodation of two small towels. Perfect in its discretion bathrooms furnished in classic style.

It could be a complement to break with the strong lines and modern furnishing net, creating a beautiful surprise, absolutely appreciable.

Definitely more suited to a bathroom decorated in a contemporary style, the floor model with three rods Premier Housewares.

It is a towel from the floor chrome metal tubular frame and three auctions door-linen.

Aesthetically represents a kind of ladder from the ground, creating an angle of curvature and going at an angle, he comes to adhere to the wall.

A light and handy structure, which can be easily moved and repositioned depending occurrence.

The ideal towel rails for bathrooms in which there are no major space problems. A complement capable of giving maximum emphasis to the style of modern furniture of the bath room.