WorldPenScan X, a Portable Scanner to Scan and Translate Texts in Android and IOS

Crowdfunding has managed to fund all kinds of gadgets that have made the functionalities of our phones and tablets to go far beyond the initially planned. Another example of this type of device is the new scanner and portable translator the Chinese company Penpower Inc is bringing forward in popular Kickstarter platform.

WorldPenScan X It lays claim to being the first pen scanner on the market, which will be able to recognize various written languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, bar codes and bank sources, offering the possibility for simultaneous translations from one language to another or from scanned texts or Fragments of a book or document.

For which you are asking for the difference between using this gadget or the camera mobile to perform the scans and text translations, Penpower ensures that your device is a better option to allow us to select a concrete fragment to scan setting aside the rest, and has no problems suffered by a camera mobile phone when analyzing texts with low light.

WorldPenScan X will synchronize with our devices (from 4.3) Android or iOS (from 7) via Bluetooth, and will also include a USB port to use its functions on a laptop or desktop with Windows or Mac OS X.

25 days to the end its campaign funding this device It has already raised one-third of the $30,000 that asks to succeed, so it may well end up achieving his goal. If we are interested in let us with one, the minimum contribution that we will need to perform will be $99.

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