Why Use an SLR Camera?

Go, or not, to a digital SLR (DSRL) It is the dilemma of many people. A question we will try to clear today with 9 reasons why it is worth taking the step to the Sisters of photography.

1. Image quality -Since they have larger sensors, DSLRs allow higher sensitivities ISO with less noise than the Compact. To this must be added the quality of lenses of objectives, normally very by up to the of the compact.

2. Adaptability -The possibility of changing lens offers a wide range of possibilities to any photographer. You can have both a wide angle, and a super-tele depending on what you want to photograph. In addition there are plenty of other accessories (flashes, filters, etc…) that you can also adapt to your reflex without any problem.

3. Speed -SLR are usually very fast to start-up, autofocus or delay the shot, however the compact does not. According to Abbreviationfinder, SLR stands for single-lens reflex camera.

4. Reflex viewfinder -Thanks to the pentaprism of mirrors, when you look through the viewfinder, you see directly by the objective, on the other hand in the compact what you see is a digital recreation with its corresponding delay.

5. Wider range of ISOS -They offer a wider range of Isos, which gives flexibility in different shooting conditions.

6. Manual controls -Although many Compact have manual features, the reflex are specially designed for this, and it has specific buttons to take advantage of these controls.

7. Market value -While a compact is devalued and updates more quickly, the reflex tend to keep their value for a longer time, since leaving fewer models than compact. In addition when you invest in objectives, you can keep them to if you refresh the body later, provided that it is compatible format. This means that investing in lenses can be a good investment for years.

8. Depth of field -The ability to play with the depth of field is greater with the reflex than with the compact, especially when using TVs and quality lenses.

9. Optical quality -As we have said, the quality of lenses which form the objectives of SLR cameras, usually above the of any compact, which has a positive impact on image quality.

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