So I Have Overcome My Chronic Insomnia

You close your eyes, breathe deeply and order you not to think about anything. And as often happens in these cases: the more force you to do something, the less you get. Your head can be non-stop: think at work, in your relationship, your life, what you have to do tomorrow, in what you did, or worse, in that you could not do today. You change your position, you try to imagine a beautiful scenario, but your head is still giving you per bag. Do you think that you should not think of anything and that it gets worse, because the thought of not thinking of anything is to think. What a paranoia. Das turns in bed, you are frustrated to see the time: you just left five hours to get up! You feel helpless and enter you want to cry.

If you’re lucky, the next day you just sleeping you before ten in the evening to “recover” the dream of the day before. In the worst cases, the situation is repeated, over and over again.

Sounds of something? If the answer is ‘no’, I congratulate you.

Insomnia is much like the sentimental tears. When you end a relationship with someone, you have no choice but to forget that person. The worst thing you can do is to force you to do so, because the desire to overcome the break are inversely proportional to the success of get it. When say you your brain: “forget it” (or she), your brain remembers his existence and things are going from bad to worse.

The same happens when “you force” to your body to sleep. You get in bed with fear to not being able to sleep, and the same fear makes that you don’t. The situation worsens when you punish yourself for not being able to sleep…

I’ve had some “shoots” insomnia, by calling them somehow. Until recently they were not anything serious: some rare night, any week with too much stress, I have even spent nights in sailing for having received a good news, because in the end and after the very good news is also a stress on your body: you excite in the same way as something negative, unless you are happy rather than sad.

However, last month was hellish. Everything started with two sleepless nights and ended up with two weeks of two hours of sleep a day. Which weakened me body, my defenses have gone to hell and I ended up seeing the world of black, because there is nothing worse for spirits not good sleep. I did not give credit: how is it possible that my 34 years not get sleep? Me, a positive, calm, rational person… This may not happen to me. If I don’t sleep at my age, what will I do the fifty? Everything concerned me much and I felt even worse.

I tried all techniques: from the “4-7-8”, until the salt lamps, passing through medicate me with Valerian, then Dormidina and Sonodor. Nothing made me effect. The only things worse and if something helped me to not become completely crazy was read on Twitter and see that a lot of people the same thing happened. You know, evil of many, consolation of fools.

I went to the doctor and we had a little hopeful conversation.

He said: “it is no wonder that so many young people can not sleep: is very difficult to live in the era in which we live.”

Do not remove you the reason.  On the one hand “invite us” to live a healthy life, to meditate and relax. The famous speak of the importance of practicing yoga every day and take care of the mind: we are thrilled to see their hours of training and its so tasty and healthy breakfast. We bombarded with messages such as “You are what you eat”, “Everything is in your head”, “smiles and life will smile to you”. We try to follow his advice: we eat well, we strive to minimize the things… A Monday, driven to become healthy people who will pamper and take care, we wake up, eat a tofu tostada, meditate upon ten minutes, tell us in the mirror “You can yet!” and went out to the street, full of vitality and peace.

The street of always: with cars, with people screaming and without oxygen-hardly. We arrived at the office and – oh, God — our Chief has raised of bad milk. We sat in front of the computer, and eight hours later, we got up Chair, just limply and a whole afternoon task ahead: studies, or children, or tuppers to morning duties, or all at once.  Behind is peace and the slow life. Ahead: thirty days of hard work with the eternal concern at end of month. Or survive, without more (already not mentioned the self-employed poor).

Is that so you can’t, say what pretty girls of Instagram photos say.

“What is the solution?” I ask. My doctor prescribed me medications to sleep. After several nights of deep sleep thanks to the pills and after I feel with a bit of life, I decided to find out what were the reasons for my insomnia. What I did from there was very simple: sit quiet and think about everything that concerned me: from the most basic to the most “serious”. I took a breath, and decided to delete all that prevented me to be myself on my mental list of priorities: dismissed people who did not provide me nothing, I left to go that I didn’t want to me (although I would like to them), I apologized with which they felt badly for any thing of the past, I decided that nobody would fight me more in work than anything else, less people that I want to and myself, I would have in my life the just importance that it deserves. There are things that must be done and I do them and is better that you take them as inevitable. The rest I would only do that helped me to be well.

I understand that you may sound superficial and too simple, you are in your right to judge it.

But I didn’t before sleep without pills and now I sleep like one log just put me in bed.

Is insomnia as breaks: If you want to lock you in rage and sadness, is your choice. Living the duel is necessary. Live it making it the center of your life is optional.

You will tell.


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