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Conclusion: The huge Sony Xperia Z ultra in the test quite cut off. On the plus side are the chic, waterproof housing, a strapping processor with current OS and a long life of the phone. While surfing the battery makes to pass out too quickly, and the camera needs good ambient light.

“Man, this is great!” This should probably be most people’s first impression, for first time in the hand take the dss Sony Xperia Z ultra. It’s the largest smart phone CHIP online has ever tested. It measures 180 x 92 mm, remains but slim 7 mm thin. Due to the size and the quality as well as waterproof housing mainly made of glass, it brings the Japanese on a fighting weight of 215 grams. Thus, the ultra is currently the heaviest mobile in our Mobile leaderboard. After all, it is not as heavy as feared, because the weight well on the size distribution. To keep the cell phone, you need to spread your hand much-a one-hand operation is therefore foreclosed.

Display: Big, Bigger, Z Ultra!

The stately dimensions provide space for a 6.4-inch full-HD display. Sony relies here on LCD technology, what about good laboratory values for brightness (410 cd / m ²), runs (167:1) contrast and color reproduction. The pixel density is approximately 345 ppi – a high value for this size. Actually the image looks compared to other phones with LCD screen also very sharp, but somewhat darker. Watch movies and photos look at are a pleasure. Only the right flat sound of the built-in speaker to cloud something the pleasure. For the audio output with the included headphones is very good. By the way: A stylus as with the Samsung Galaxy touch 2 are looking for in vain, for this you can control the display but with each pencil and many tips.

Battery & Voice Quality

The large battery capacity is 3,050 mAh. This does not help but about the fact that a lavish display requires too much energy. So the Z comes in ultra in the test only on less than 5 hours duration surfing full screen brightness. That is too little. During a telephone conversation at maximum power, but without active screen, it reached well properly 10:30 hours! An already advertised update is to provide an improved run-time. The voice quality is usually at a high level, partly have interlocutors on both sides slightly nasal. Only during a call using handsfree, it comes to a very dull and quiet sound on the mobile page.

Camera: Good In Good Light

In the Xperia Z ultra installed Sony of an 8 – instead of the 13-mega pixel camera known from the Xperia Z. The recordings are hot in daylight and artificial light. In low light, we see a strong noise, this test photos but evenly lit and relatively bright. Who for less noise like a LED flash at the photograph with the mobile uses, is ultra determine the z surprised that Sony has built No. The internal memory is quite scarce with under 12 GBytes for a multimedia smart phone via electronicsencyclopedia. The purchase of a microSD card should be planned so.

Performance & Operating System: Lightning Fast

The latest and most powerful processor from Qualcomm shelf is in the Sony Xperia Z ultra used: the Snapdragon 800. The quad core CPU is clocked at 2.2 GHz and offers 2 GB of memory.Sony installed the Android operating system in version 4.2.2 with the hotel’s own user interface (UI). If the latest version 4.3 via update will be submitted, is so far although unclear, we strongly assume. The UI is known from previous models, a settling-in period is required for Sony connoisseurs so. Who holds dear as a tablet in landscape mode the Xperia Z Ultra, can do easily, because even the home screen can be turned by 90 degrees. The pace of work is very good – quad core processor and software appear very well matched.

Connectivity: Full Program

In terms of radio interface, the Sony Xperia Z is ultra on the amount of time. It supports LTE on all frequencies available in Germany. Without LTE connectivity that surf ultra with up to 42.2 Mbps or via Wi-Fi (b/g/n/a/ac). NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, as well as WiFi-direct are available for communicating with other devices.

Alternative: Sony Xperia Z

Das Ultra ist Ihnen zu groß? Dann greifen Sie doch zum derzeitigen Sony-Flaggschiff, dem Sony Xperia Z. Es ist mit 450 Euro 200 euros cheaper and also offers a chic glass envelope, which is protected against water and dust. The display measures still 5 inches on the diagonal, the 13-mega pixel camera with Flash is better and the battery life longer.

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