Silver for Sound Giant

The of the N73 Music Edition two of our mobile rankings moves on square.The plain black but is misleading: the new age of up offers a larger memory, a-backed music player and more accessories.

Already the original N73 had convinced us in the test and could hold the second place ranking in the mobile. Now has Nokia set up and with the N73 Music Edition eclipsing the forerunner.

This creates the Nokia with greater storage and greatly enhanced music features.Because pure phone functions to the N73 nothing has changed, we will confine ourselves here to the multimedia quality of mobile phones.

Music And More: Sounds Good

Compared to its predecessor, the music player on the Music Edition has more in store a few gimmicks. We have added features and sound scrutinized.

The Nokia N73 Music Edition is a dedicated key for the music player available next to the keyboard. The new player is also the album cover next to the track name and artist-if available. Nokia revised the operation of the player via the 5-way button. A push of a button is enough to forward, to select the next track, or to stop the player. With its predecessor, you had to first select the individual functions in the player and then confirm.

Also, all music files loaded on the phone–land whether via USB or Bluetooth transfer-automatically in the music library. No differences were BB´s at the transmission speed: both the N73 Music Edition transferred our 3 MByte large test-MP3 USB in 5 seconds. 1.935 MByte memory factory for your own content can be used. That’s enough for about 650 MP3 tracks in average quality. An extensive collection of music is so nothing in the way.

The user, different visualizations, and sound settings are available. So you will find under “audio settings” the balance control, a surround sound simulation and a loudness function. For fine-tuning of various music styles, you can define your own sound presets per five-band equalizer or choose from pre-made, but editable presets.

The N73 Music Edition a well fitting headset and a cable adapter for your own jack plug 3,5 mm diameter is supplied.On the cable adapter, find a remote control for the player. In direct comparison with the N73, we found that the N73 is something powerful and loud to works as the Music Edition.However, it is on the headset. With the headset of the N73 the Music Edition sounds very dynamic and powerful with a regular dose of bass. Better plug allow the cable adapter the Music Edition own headphones at ComputerDo. With in-ear plugs with good-fitting silicone pads, BB´s powerful sounds again a whole corner.

Differences to the N73
In our test showed the N73 Music Edition a few fine distinct to the basic model. So is the Music Edition despite a similar battery with a slightly shorter run time at full GSM transmitter power. Still good 4 hours were on the clock, the N73 Music Edition managed approximately 20 minutes less. For the newcomer brings more two themes as the N73. BB´s also on the acoustic test were prints. The Music Edition sounds slightly less of course than the N73, but communication between mobile and fixed-line network was never at risk.

Conclusion: More For The Money

The N73, we had still to small memory fault, it can no longer complain when the Music Edition. The mixture is correct and qualified the N73 Music Edition for the silver medal in our cell phone ranking.

Who already toying with the purchase of a Nokia N73, should the Music Edition look at themselves. You get the mobile news from around 420 euro without contract. You have made a good compromise sound strongMultimedia phone and business smartphone in hand.

Disappointed have the shorter us Battery life and the slightly poorer voice quality in comparison with the N73. Also the sound via headset could use a little more pressure. Own headphones remedy with good-fitting silicone pads.

Calculate hot!
Nonetheless, to bear in mind that you’re getting the N73 currently for about 70 euros of less without contract. A full 2 GB miniSD map there is 20 euros, the adapter for stereo headphones, when Nokia, costs about 30 euros. Remains the bottom line still a savings of at least 20 euros if you are content with the N73 and its slightly simpler player. Sound of jazzed up player Music Edition in comparison with the N73 not noticeably affect.

Are if you a musical companion that is compact, sounds good and comes with ample storage. Then they should have a look at the Sony Ericsson W880i throw. The slim Walkman phone offers good phone features and sounds neat. To get the current number of 6 of our mobile rankings, currently for about 400 euros without contract (as of March 2007).

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