Point for Point: Fight for the Throne of Mobile

Currently hot topic at Xonio: the Finns mini Nokia 6230 with removable cover has the Smart phone logs Siemens SX1 with full keyboard from square one of our mobile rankings displaced. Learn how to cut the unequal rivals in a direct comparison.

A cell phone in a small format has no chance against a Smart phone giant? Far from. The camera phone Nokia 6230 is the rebuttal. The smart Finn made the leap to the top of our mobile leaderboard right off the bat. The model, based on Nokia’s series 40 platform could be enforced against the previously dominant Series 60 smart phone Siemens SX1.

What makes the smart Finns so strong? Which phone offers the better equipment, which uses through the practice test? We have used the results of our test database for a direct comparison.

I: Multimedia, Entertainment, Storage

Photos, videos, sounds and games – the high-tech machines of this country leading cell phone manufacturers prove to be real entertainers. Here and there, but small gaps – especially when the SX1 gape.

Both phones have a VGA camera with video function.The differences: Although rotate with the Siemens SX1 short films, until the memory is full. However, the maximum length of four minutes at the Nokia 6230 is also above average. The quality of the photos reached only snapshot level two mobile phones. SX1 and 6230 also support the post-production of saved recordings.The head-to-head decide the Nokia 6230 just for themselves. This is ensured by the built-in night mode, which proved useful in the test in dim light conditions.

Shipping provides MMS for the photo (and sound). Here, the Nokia phone has the nose front: the multimedia message could be multi-page in contrast to our SX1 test device. The Munich flagship but makes up for the lack with the comfortable and cheaper shipping alternative email.

So the Java-based client of 6230 cannot serve, which is also not very good with the remaining cell phone features. By the way: The infrared transmission to the PC or another phone as the transfer via Bluetooth smoothly for both models.

The result of this round: Draw, because in other messages offer the opponents give nothing. So the Siemens SX1 offers a larger SMS memory, but supports not the chat as the 6230.

Games, sounds, videos and display
Java engine, FM radio, MP3 and video player, see both devices. All features work smoothly. And so you annoy anyone with your favorite songs, both models bring a headset.

Although also AAC files supports the 6230 compared to the SX1 in addition to MP3s, offers space for 20 radio stations (SX1: six) and supports the newer version of Java (MIDP 2.0). This represents total but no significant disadvantage for the Munich. Also not the missing streaming feature, which shows off the 6230. Because this online service can quickly become cost trap.

Much more important and decisive for the outcome of this game: in order to the games and film offer and enjoy the photos, you need a display as possible. Here are the advantages of a Smartphone. And so the SX1 can compensate for in the meantime, although it could use some more background light.

Short and to the point – the point goes to the 6230. Not only that the Finn brings significantly more dynamic disk space (less than nine MByte for multimedia, well and a half for Java) as the Munich (3 MB total). Nokia has put also his little protégé right into the package a 32 MB card for the MMC slot. The SX1 also offer a card slot. Here, the user must buy but still extra accessories.

Amenities II: Telephone, Organizer, Data Functions

Whether 6230 or SX1 – bring both opponents ample phone comfort, organisational talent and data power. The differences into the detail they show up in the synchronization with Outlook.

Phone and organizer features
Address book, calendar, appointment management. Voice dialing, voice recorder, group function, profiles, integrated handsfree, alarm clock, computer: In the rich feature set for everyday mobile opponents give nothing. The 6230 voice has preceded the great rivals, however. We not assess its facilities with the presence Infodient “Presence” as yet no German network operators support the service.

Advantage of the SX1: it can take advantage of dynamic memory for the phone book and thus offers more space than the 6230. The mini swallows also 1,000 entries, there should be but business people, that this is not enough. When the SX1 data can be also more comfortable and more extensive synchronize with Outlook. Here the 6230 shows the typical weaknesses of a series 40 model, as the complicated management of first and last name in a box. Also with an external antenna connector for better radio contact in the car, Nokia can not serve and therefore has left in this section. So, the SX1 can compensate for again.

Data functions
The antagonists offer a rich data functionality of WAP 2.0 over GPRS and tri-band up to Bluetooth. The 6230 is the SX1 while that on Bluetooth wireless technology based SIM access profile and HSCSD ahead. The Finn has also the data Turbo EDGE, this is not rated but since he does not work in this country.

A data cable is included when buying the Siemens SX1.It would appreciate all who want to download MP3s and contact data quickly from the PC to the mobile phone.ERGO: Each opponent receives a point.

Practice: On To The Sprint

With the score at 4:4 go the two adversaries in the practice round. Here, the duel of unequal opponents will be decided.

6230: 103 x 45 x 20.5 mm and 97 grams. SX1: 109 x 56 x 20 mm and 119 grams. These values speak for themselves. The Nokia phone is a real woman compared to the Siemens model, it is more convenient to transport in shirt and trousers pockets.

To the battery runtimes: According to the manufacturer the Finn with 300 hours in stand by mode can last 100 hours more proud as the Siemens Smartphone. Also in the more relevant talk time test of Munich can make no ground: both models made a continuous talk at maximum transmitter power of less than three hours. So, the mobility point goes to the 6230.

Processing and keyboard
The duo shows no rough Patzer processing as a whole, looks solid and fairly high quality. A track seems us more elegant than the opponents the 6230 in his removable cover, however.

The buttons provide an optimal pressure point for both models. Taste and tolerance thing remains that the small keypad when the SX1 as extravagance around the display are arranged. Also the joystick as a control centre, 6230 offers here a practical five-way button. Overall, the keyboard of the Nokia phones makes a better figure. This is ensured by the stronger night lighting. It can be with the number one in the dark and lit easily tap. The SX1 is something pale and draws the short straw in this section.

Clear navigation Centre, catchy menu structure – the intuitive user interface leaves with two opponents needs. So, the user needs to have hardly the look in the respective manual. They left in the test anyway rather a mediocre overall.

The decision is effective operation. Here, the Nokia makes even a very good figure, but the Siemens model is significantly better. Convince yourself customizable menus and the abundant supply of speed-dial keys. At the point for the SX1 also the absence of voice control does nothing, which we have already criticized at the phone and organ ornamental features.

Now that the SX1 could even compensate for the fight. But the results of acoustic values showed no striking differences. So both devices were convinced neither sound quality yet they patzten for clarity. Also the free speaker accessory proved to be practical.

Thus, the Contracting Parties agree in this last discipline on a draw – which ultimately means the narrow victory for the 6230.

Conclusion: Close Fight

Small dimensions, plump furnishings, good handling: The Nokia 6230 simply offers a better combination and moves in a narrow pointed duel ahead of the Siemens SX1.

Above all, the Mini case and the better keyboard finally tip the scales for this decision and bring the smart Finns on the champion throne in the Xonio ranking. The model affords no rough Patzer but also in all the other headings.

The SX1 can despite bigger display, more effective operation and better synchronisation not compensate for. The decisive disadvantages: The Munich brings less Disk space with the night mode is missing his digicam and MMS can be on one side only. But this does not mean that you can be happy also with the SX1. In a classic Smartphone test it would cut sure better-you will soon find the at Xonio.

Something else for the price: with a RRP of 449 euro 6230 considerable 150 euro is cheaper than the SX1. Although a data cable inside the Siemens package, for a memory card is missing. Find them, however, in the scope of supply of the duel winner.

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