Pebble Will Equal Wear Android Options with Your New Update

Watch Pebble, thanks to its e-ink screen, remains one of the best alternatives for all those who want to do with a smartwatch based on its battery life. But in addition to that, also count with a development team that continues to improve it almost two years after its launch.

With their next update, which is already being tested in beta testing channels, Pebble will match all aspects of Android Wear by basing your application on Google. In fact, according to the developers, there is no function you can do in Android Wear that is not available for Pebble.

In this way, with the 2.3 version of Pebble users can start to interact with notifications instead of limited only to read them, allowing them, for example, reply to a message of Hangouts by sending an emoji, or send money to a friend who has requested it through the application of Square Cash.

Here we show you all the changes of the imminent new version of Pebble:

  • NEW: Notifications for Android Wear. It answers and interacts with the notifications of Android in Pebble.
  • NEW: Compatible with any Android from version 4.0. The previous version of Pebble app required at least Android 4.3.
  • NEW: Automatic update of apps and interfaces when the watch is charging.
  • FIXED: Solved problems with WhatsApp notifications
  • DEVELOPERS: Support for UTF-8 in PebbleKit JS.
  • Solution of bugs and improvement of stability

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