Palm Makes Windows

The Treo 750v opts for Palm OS Windows Mobile 5 and a European flavour customized design. With success: The device creates the feeder in our Smart phone top 10.

Palm polarized: who have sworn a so far due to the special Palm OS devices, the others wanted to have dear Windows on board. The Treo 750 is powered by Windows Mobile 5 and can score in the field of processing and design. The bottom line, the Smart phone in the test is back but behind its possibilities.

Premiere: The new Treo comes first in Europe and then in the US market. The Palm Developer have met the European taste, because they have renounced the antenna stub that is popular across the big pond this time. In Germany, there is the mobile phone until December exclusively at Vodafone.

Phone Functions: Grow Through

With the phone and data features Palm doesn’t irritate out what is feasible at present with Windows Mobile. It lacks, for example, language choice and W-LAN.

Phone functions
The Treo 750v find your way thanks to quad in any GSM network. The Windows operating system also enables easy adjustment on a second time zone. To dial of the number, you can use either the virtual keyboard or cell phone buttons draw colour from the QWERTY keyboard. The Treo can not make video calls via UMTS.

By voice you can applications as enable phone functionality, calendar or phonebook, the selection will be individual contacts by language but not supported. The user must also waive user profiles and group functions. For all text messages (SMS, MMS, email) the Treo not, also a Central Inbox but a chat function. Smart: exchanging multiple SMS messages with a person, communication can be done easily via chat window.

Data functions
The Palm via infrared, Bluetooth or USB makes connection to the outside world. UMTS, EDGE and GPRS provide fast connections to the Internet. The manufacturer however has refused on the integration of Wi-Fi. Via software upgrade, the Treo will be soon ready for HSDPA. More precise to let Palm but still not out of the bag.

Now you can use push mail. The Treo supports in this respect Microsoft and BlackBerry. Via Internet Explorer, you can easily surf touch on the Internet. With the Yahoo search you can quickly browse Web from the main out the World Wide.

PDA / Multimedia: Lame Data Matching

In the area of PDA, the Palm has a lot on the box. Significant weaknesses but were found in the data matching with the computer.

If you need many Office applications on his Smartphone, is well advised with the Treo 750v. Mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be used also as a PDF Viewer.A comprehensive contact database, in which as many contacts deposit can be also inside the Palm.

Less the more than slow fetch new data convinced us in the test with the calculator. First, the Palm even generally denied making contact with our PC. After a reset, it worked though, but for our 1,000 test contacts which read the Americans much time: say and write seven minutes via a USB cable. Which lasted for even half a minute longer alignment via Bluetooth. If you have even more time to synchronize via infrared. Good 8 minutes which took matching it.

That the Palm first and foremost to work is done, show the multimedia equipment. Although a camera is not entirely missing, 1.3 Megapixels are no longer State-of-the-art.That’s it for snapshots. You can record moving images with a resolution of 352 x 288 pixels (CIF) until the memory is full.

For the musical construction and video playback, you can use the Windows Media Player in version 10.2. Via headset at ComputerGees, music sounds pretty neat. However, a setting to optimize sound fail. Our three minute test song via USB was overplayed on the Smart phone in 8 seconds. Delivery still 96 of the 128 MB available memory available.An additional memory card not attaches Palm.

Practice: Feel Good

The Treo is easy to operate. Despite plastic finish, he is well and good grip in the hand. Only the measly battery is a nuisance.

Facts & figures
Done, we felt the easy-grip shape and the surface of the Palm in the test. Despite of the plastic dress, he makes a very high quality impression due to especially treated, fluffed-up reverse surfaces. With dimensions of 113 x 60 x 22 mm and 154 grams he lies in the hand very comfortably. The endurance is out of the question for a Smartphone. Already after 2 hours and 37 minutes in conversation of duration of, the battery made flabby.

Entries without a noticeable time delay takes the touchscreen. The QWERTY keyboard has crisp pressure points and allows quick entry of phone numbers in the phone mode. In the icon called the “Today view” at Palm, images as speed dial icon can be select, create voice-mails and provide important functions. Practical: A small slider above switches all acoustic signals to the device or out.

Display and acoustic
Pixel resolution range 240 x 240 hot and bright play back the display images and texts. Seems the Sun directly on the display however it is over quickly with the splendor. Then, because hardly anything can be seen. In the acoustic test, the Smartphone did no good. Significant noise on the phone as well as on the fixed network end disrupted us in the test.

Conclusion: Possible

Although the collection succeeds Palm with the 750v in our Smartphone top 10, but remains the Treo behind its possibilities.

For the Treo 750v, it was after all, enough for a place among the best 10 smartphones. Number 8 is a respectable result. However, more would have been. Especially for the Phone and data features missing voice dialing, video telephony and Wi-Fi.

Beyond good and evil is the sync speed set on the day. Less than 7 minutes to the matching of 1,000 contacts are much too slow. A mobile phone with PDA qualities must offer more here. You have liked us, however Office functions and the thick contact database.

Have been successful Handling and outfit. Like beautiful surfaces, good workmanship and the clever enhancements to Windows Mobile. The voice quality is less beautiful. Noticeable noise on the phone and at the other are worth no recommendation.

You are looking for a device that a laptop provides the rudimentary functions, but still fits in your Pocket? Look at that Nokia E61 on. The number 2 of our Smartphone rankings dispenses with a camera, but not on UMTS, W-LAN, and a full keyboard.

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