Instagram Is Updated with The Blur Feature Tilt-Shift

Those who have tried the version of Instagram for iOS and compared it with the Android can check that is still lacking in many functions. Among them we find ourselves not to make compositions with multiple photos, the lack of many filters and blur, who are still exclusive to iOS.

However, the purchase by Facebook has not meant a decline in the service or in your upgrade plan. The promises of the two versions are virtually identical are fulfilling the integration of the desired blur function When editing photographs.

We will simply have to choose the type of blur, between a horizontal line or a circle for then click the focus point. What is outside is blurred and if we do a long press you will be able increase the blur to be seen, giving it a very entertaining for many people.

With this Instagram is a bit more complete When is the number of users rising at unprecedented rates. And is that even though we all know that it is not the best app to take photos, the social network that has back and its functions to share it does make it one of the most used applications.

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